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Not many rules!

Officials' decision on any such matter or in case of any appeal or objection shall be final.

  • Riders must compete on pedal bikes using human power.
  • Riders cannot accept outside mechanical assistance or parts on the course except from other competitors
  • Riders may accept outside assistance and change parts at the designated service area.
  • Only one rider per team may compete at the same time.
  • Riders must 'dib' at the control on every completed lap.
  • Any riders/teams retiring must contact an official as soon as possible.
  • All riders must carry emergency food supplies, a whistle, a survival blanket and an emergency light.
  • All riders must carry or wear appropriate clothing for warmth in the event.
  • All riders must carry a first aid kit.
  • All competitors under 16 years must provide written permission from parents.
  • All competitors under 14 must be accompanied by an adult whilst competing

Failure to observe the rules or any action deemed to be outwith the spirit of the event may result in penalty or disqualification.

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