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Welcome to Sleepyhillock Cemetery, Montrose, Angus, Scotland.

Burial grounds can be fascinating sources of information when investigating family trees, local disasters, or just history in general.

Taphophilia is a passion for and enjoyment of cemeteries.


It seems that even in death, we prefer to congregate with those with whom we share a common bond. The bond varies. It is often religion or nationality; among the Chinese, Japanese, Greeks and Russians; membership in a lodge such as the Masons, Oddfellows or Knights of Pythias; or a disaster in which all died together as in shipwrecks or fires; or service to one's country. And of course there are the unannounced and rejected: Those who lie in unmarked pauper's graves or the murderers or witches who have paid the supreme penalty.

Cemetery Etiquette

Please understand that there are many reasons why graves are unmarked or overgrown. 

Most cemetery visitors are those attending funerals or visiting the graves of their loved ones. Anyone using this site should: 

respect the cemetery and its visitors

obey all the posted rules and regulations of the cemetery                                                   

leave the cemetery as they find it

do nothing to the gravestones that damages them in any way by walking, standing or climbing on them                          

 not disturb items in or around the graves

 not take anything from the cemetery except litter 

Lastly, be safety conscious. Many of the older gravestones and kerbings can be loose, so tread warily. Also be aware of personal safety and exercise common sense, particularly if you are visiting a cemetery on your own.

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