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May I thank the management of Spanglefish for making my retirement a much greater pleasure and opportunity than I expected. I got so excited earlier this year when I got bookings direct from my website and not through the big holiday websites.
Peter Jones
As someone who goes into a sweaty fit at the mere thought of setting up a website, I was very lucky to discover the living wonder known as Spanglefish. Had it not rescued me from absolute techostupidity, I would still be working on where to put the Tippex on my homepage. In all seriousness, at what could have been an extremely stressful time (setting up not one, but two websites), Spanglefish did me proud.
Grace Monroe
Thank you for a simply magical service!!
John Birrell


People have used the Spanglefish 2.0 system to create some wonderful new websites. You'll find a number that we've chosen to highlight below.

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Thank you for a simply magical service!!
John Birrell
I am currently recommending Spanglefish to everyone I come into contact with; for the opportunity to create a freely-hosted website it makes the opposition pale into insignificance.
Patricia Colling
The system is excellent and I for one am a real fan - well done everyone at Spanglefish. A brilliant system - brilliant!
Brian Brooker

The selection is made up from a few that we've created (where clients have used our spanglefish platinum service), and the rest is simply a selection of examples from client's self-created websites.

I hope that these inspire you to use Spanglefish 2.0 to design and create your very own website.

Good luck and don't forget to check out some of the additional support available.

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