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Click on these links to download a copy of either the entire service or the smaller file which is the reading and the sermon only.  This should automatically play in Windows

Service 5th November

Service 29th October

Service 22nd October

Service 15th October

Service 8th October

Service 1st October

Service 24th September

Service 17th September

Service 27th August

Service 20th August

Service 13th August

Service 6th August

Service 30th July

Service 23rd July

Apologies for missing services. Problems with recording now fixed.

Service 11th June

Service 4th June

Service 28th May

Service 21st May

Service 14th May

Service 7th May

Service 30th April

Service 23rd April

Service 2nd April

Service 26th March

Service 19th March

Service 12th March

Service 26th February

Service 19th February

Service 12th February

Service 5th February

Service 29th January

Service 22nd January

Service 15th January

Service 8th January 2017

Service 1st January 2017

Service 18th December

Apologies recording failed

Service 4th December

Service 27th November

Service 30th October

Service 23rd October

Service 16th October

Service 2nd October

Service 25th September

Service 18th September

Service 11th September

Service 28th August

Service 21st August

Service 14th August

Service 7th August

Service 31st July

Service 24th July

Service 17th July

Service 10th July

Service 3rd July

Service 26th June

Service 12th June

Service 5th June

Service 29th May

Service 22nd May

Service 15th May

Service 8th May

Service 24th April

Service 17th April

Service 10th April

Service 3rd April (apologies first 10 min missing)

Service 27th March

Service 13th March

Service 6th March

Service 28th February

Service 21st February

Service 14th February

Service 7th February

Service 31st January

Service 24th January

Service 10th January

Service 3rd January

Service 27th December

Service 20th December

Service 13th December

Service 6th December

Service 29th November

Service 22nd November

Service 15th November

Service 8th November

Service 1st November

Service 25th October

Service 18th October

Service 4th October

Service 30th August

Service 23rd August

Service 16th August

Service 9th August

Service 2nd August

Service 26th July

Service 19th July

Service 12th July

Service 28th June

Service 21st June 

Service 14th June

Service 7th June

Service 31st May

Service 24th May

Service 17th May

Service 10th May

Service 3rd May

Service 26th April

Service 19th April

Service 12th April

Service 5th April

Service 15th March

Service 8th March

Service 22nd February

Service 8th February

Service 1st February

Service 25th January

Service 18th January

Service 11th January

Service 4th January

Service 28th December

Service 21st December

Service 14th December

Service 7th December

Service 30th November

Service 23rd November

Service 16th November

Service 9th November

Service 2nd November

Service 26th October

Service 19th October

Service 12th October

Service 5th October

Service 28th September

September Newsletter

Service 21st September

Service 14th September

Service 7th September

Service 31st August

Service 24th August

Service 17th August

Service 10th August

Service 3rd August

Service 27th July(Apologies 1st couple of minutes missing)

Service 20th July

Service 13th July

Service 6th July

Service 29th June

Service 22nd June

Service 15th June

Service 8th June

Service 1st June

Service 25th May

Service 18th May

Service 11th May

Service 4th May

Service 27th April

Sorry recording failed

Service 13th April

Service 6th April


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