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Wilson Family Tree
I am researching my family tree and have been pased an article from the local paper giving an account of the Death and Burial of James S Wilson, May 1951, a Senior Elder at Rosskeen West Church. He was the son of Alexander Wilson, farm Manager at Dalmore. I would be interested to exchange emails with anyone who has an interest in this family connection. ps can you direct me to the graveyard where he would have been burried. Many thanks.
Posted by Kenny Wilson on 28 September 2016
36 years married and still going.
In 2010 I sent message about the fact it was 31 years since we were married at Rosskeen, well its 2015 and we're still going strong together. 36 years since we married at Rosskeen! The Church is special to Angela and I as it is to all in Alness, may God continue pouring out His blessings on you all as He did 36 years ago on us.
Posted by Steve Sinclair on 28 July 2015
wedding anniversary
Angela and I have just celebrated 31yrs of married life, and it all began in Alness, and we were married at Rosskeen on Saturday 28th 1979. We are enjoying a wonderful and blessed life together. So thank you to Rosskeen, Alness and the wonderful people who started on this journey of love. May God bless you all as He has blessed us. Thank you
Posted by Steve and Angela Sinclair on 29 July 2010
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