Spirals for Adlerians Prepared for Adlerian conference participants  (2019)  by the Adlerian Skype Research Group  after Living  Theory methodology presented in 2018 was described as too academic.

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Spirals for Adlerians


Spirals for Adult enquirers is useful for:

  • Researching supervisory practice.
  • Collating evidence towards Diploma 
  • Collating evidence for BACP accreditation io
  • Collating evidence for ASIIP acreditation
  • Continuing professional development enquiries


Video of presentation 24.3.19 at West Wycombe


Other useful resources (with special thanks to each od these authors)

Presentation Proposal March 2019l 

Spirals for ASIIP accreditation 

Belle Wallace's TASC Wheel

 Action Reflection Cycle 

 CR Thomas' Emotional Reorientation Exercise

 Lew & Bettner's Crucial Cs and Mistaken Goals


Spirals For Adlerians:               

 Example paper was later developed into a paper on values and priorities in 2021 (in press with EJOLTS)

Robyn Pound uses Spirals to help focus her enquiry into how her Adlerian 'private logic' influences the  'living values' of alongsideness that she claims motivate her relationships.     She arrived at a title: 'An exploration of Adlerian life priorities to understand a contradiction in practice of values generated through Living Theory research'.


The TASC tool proved useful for guiding Robyn's enquiry process, from gathering her pre-existing  knowledge, finding available tools and source texts, checking ideas and deciding how to communicate them. For this project publication is planned when a conclusion is agreed with interested readers (You are invited to comment - see below).


Living Theory (LT) research is important to this enquiry because alongsideness values were generated   using.LT methods and were used to evaluate the quality of relationships that triggered this enquiry  


In a 'Dear Me' file Robyn gathered her life history, recorded in a previous LT publication, her earier Adlerian Lifestyle Assessments, Myers Briggs assessment, reflective journals and the circumstances of the incident raising the enquiry question using the Emotional Reorientation questionnaire.



Prism, 'A Rainbow of Skills and Resources' (see Spirals for Adlerians:p2) is a chance to explore personal attributes as a practitioner. Socratic questioning and critical reflection were useful for analysing collected data and assunptions. Values of alongsideness, as a way of being, were considered for their relationship to social interest and community feeling.  


The 'Living Archive' could act as master folder for all the files accumulated above but for this project it is the folder that contains a presentationuseful papers, questionnaire, references and early drafts drawn together during the process.


 'Me Search' is for pulling the enquiry threads together by testing ideas in collaborative dialogue and generating the valid analysis and explanation of findings.  Living Theory is useful here for creating   methods to check the validity of claims.


MAD: 'Making a Difference in Community' is used here for considering the difference made by the enquiry project.  'MAD' prompted consideration of the difference made to the social interest and sense of community feeling of the author, perferable behaviour in practice and implications for the flourishing of humanity.


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