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Raudr Vagr's Story

In 805, just 12 years after the Vikings made their first raid on Lindisfarne Priory, a ship arrived on the shores of England.  This ship contained a group of men and women calling themselves Raudr Vagr - The Crimson Wave.

Originally hailing from a small island called Bukkoy, now near to Haugesund in Norway, they were led by a man named Sigurd Bjornesson Alfredsson Haraldsson and his wife Sigrdrifr Odinsdottir Wulfsdottir.

Having made the island of Bukkoy just a little too small to contain them owing to a series of happenings they set sail at the request of Sigurd's father, Bjorn Alfredsson Haraldsson .  Bringing with them their own children and household Thralls they arrived, eventually, in England.

They began by settling near the coast but soon realised that many of the other inavders were settling there too they decided to move inland and look for quieter londgings and more abundant pastures.  Eventually reaching the edges of a farming community in the centre of England they settled down and within the year had constructed a long house and surrounding buildiings.

Once settled they turned their hands to farming and the old techniques learned from their father.  They are known for their kindness and generosity to their thralls, many of whom they made Frihals after a period of 4 years service.

Sigurd himself now trains his warrior brothers and Sigrdrifr ensures that the children grow with the rights skills for their future.

However their fighting heritage and strength have never been forgotten and their skills can be bought by the highest bidder.  Interestingly, not just the men fight, Sigrdrifr herself fights at Sigurd's side as do several of the other women in the group. 

Their allegiance in general is to the gods of Asgard and many an evening you will see them sharing the mead horn and retelling the stories of their ancestors and those lost along the way.  They look forward to the day that they can cease to fight and raise their families peacefully but until then they will bear arms and fight side by side, to Valhalla or the halls of the gods as they see fit!

Come friends, sit down, take a swig of mead and hail the gods, for we are the chosen few and we are RAUDR VAGR! 

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