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Orchard Fruit List

As mentioned elsewhere on the website, the Orchard reflects three distinct planting periods:

(I) The first planting was just after the high wall was built in the 1770s by George Ross, Laird of Cromarty Estate;
(II) the second was from 1896-1904 by Alexander More, Head Gardener for Cromarty Estate;
(III) and the third began in 1995, during the restoration of the garden.

We have no record of the fruit trees planted in the 18th century (I), but we have the metal wall tags which identify the varieties that were planted at the turn of the last century (II) and a few of these trees still remain and bear fruit. Finally, we have a full list of all the trees which we have planted since 1995 (III).

Free-standing apple trees
1995    Grenadier (2) 
1995    Discovery
1995    Katy (2)
1995    Bramley Seedling (2)
1995    Red Devil (2)
1995    Charles Ross (2)
1995    Ribston Pippin* (2)
1995    Lane's Prince Albert*
2006    Allington Pippin*
2007    American Mother*
2011    Sunset

Along low wall
2005  Api (2)
2012  Api Noir (2)

Varieties along Causeway
c1900  King of Pippins
2002    Gascoyne's Scarlet*
2002    Warner's King*
2002    Beauty of Kent*
2000    New Hawthornden*
2001    Gloria Mundi*
2000    Margil*
2000    Stirling Castle*
2000    Hawthornden*
2003    Adam's Pearmain*
2002    Striped Beefing*
2000    Lady Sudeley*
2002    King of Tomkins County*

Varieties along Miller Road
c1900  lcherry plum
c1904   Lady Henniker
c1900  lKing of Pippins
  2013   Blenheim Orange
c1904  lRed Reinette Descardre
c1904  lMcIntosh Red
  2009   Coul Blush

2015  Cox's Orange Pippin
2016  Honeycrisp (2)

SUMMARY (December 2016)
43 trees in total with 34 different apple varieties:

 *Replacements for varieties identified but lost from 1894-1904 planting II.

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