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Welcome Sign Maniacs

The enamel plates that have outlasted all others


Well I call you maniacs but I`m one myself and have had great pleasure in collecting enamel signs for around 30 years. I have around 130 of them dotted about in my garage garden porches and kitchen. My wife Val wasn`t too keen on them when I first started collecting them as they took up a lot of room, but she has grown to like them as time goes by.

They are becoming very hard to find now and pictorial signs are eagerly hunted at antique fairs and on the internet. This new hudson cycles I found as part of a shed roof on our local allotments. The prices and wording on some of these signs make them interesting.

Not many of these signs survive in pristine condition but that`s to be expected as they have adorned walls of shops,railway stations, or where ever for the last 50 to 100 years. There are replicas made that would`t last five minutes out in the elements, and it`s much more interesting to collect the genuine articles.

Enjoy the collection.

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