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Cello: English, early 18th century, restored to baroque set-up by Ian Highfield.

Renaissance viol: copy by Merion Attwood of a 1550s Italian instrument by Ciciliano.

Baroque viol: copy by Nicholas Woodward of an anonymous 1600s English instrument.

Baroque viols, treble, tenor, bass: copies by Rita Shatifan of viols by Henry Jaye

Violone: late 17th century, possibly by Richard Mears, retored to a conjectural original state by Ian Highfield.

Harpsichord: designed by Zuckerman

Renaissance guitar: by Stephen Haddock

Baroque guitar: by Nicholas Blishen 

Recorders: by Adriana Breukink, Mollenhauer and Moeck

Crumhorns: by Eric Moulder 

Watch this space for a new article on an exciting new instrument! 

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