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Get Involved

How to Get Involved

"I'd like to be actively involved in the Montrose Fairtrade movement - what do I do?"
- drop us an e-mail; your support will be very welcome.


"I want to know more about the Fairtrade movement - where can I find information?"
- the Fairtrade Website is a good starting point. If you still have questions, just drop us an e-mail.


"I'd like to sell or provide Fairtrade products at my business or organisation - where do I find suppliers?"
- send us an e-mailwith your details and we'll put you in touch with Fairtrade suppliers.


"I'm already selling or providing Fairtrade products - how do I get listed on this site?"
-send us an e-mailwith your details and we'll add you to our lists.


"How do I go about supporting Fairtrade at my school, college or church?"
- justsend us an e-mailand we'll provide you with all the information.


"How do I persuade my local shop or cafe to sell or serve Fairtrade products?"
- just ask them! As a consumer, you have buying power.


"I'd like to register my support for Fairtrade, but don't want to be actively involved."
- Thank you: just click here to update a counter which records your support.

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