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About Fairtrade

Millions of families in the developing world don't get a fair share of the wealth created by their own skill and effort and the resources of their land. This is largely because of the way international trade is controlled by the rich countries. It is a system, which is both unjust, and a major cause of continuing poverty. Fair Trade is not about charity, but aims to give a fair deal to marginalised 'third world' producers.
In March 1994, the Fairtrade Foundation launched  the Fairtrade Mark. The logo shows a person, hand held high, symbolising someone shouting about the importance of fair trade.


The Mark is an  independent consumer label, awarded by the Fairtrade Foundation to products that meet a strict set of criteria, guaranteeing:

  • decent wages
  • a fair price
    • credit terms
    • worker representation in trade union activities
    • adequate living conditions and minimum health and safety standards
    • good environmental standards
    • no child or forced labour

The Fairtrade Foundation checks that products meet its standards before awarding the stamp of approval.


Further documents on Fair Trade can be downloaded from the Fairtrade Foundation's website by following this link.

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