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 Product Description

With a great deal of thanks to Mr. Bill Carter and his delightful wife Sarah we have had many commissions  for our hand stamps home and abroad


Stamps can be divided into two main types

INTAGLIO Where the letters are cut into the face sunk (as in stamping coins)

INCUSE    Where the face is cut in relief

 This being an example of Incuse or relief stamp


An excellant Artisan making wonderful wooden tools and decorative boxes in Spain

 This is an example of INTAGLIO

For Mr. Carter A very fine Plane Maker

Where the letters are cut into the stamp

Another example of INTALIGO

For Mr. Arnold Master craftsman

Where the letters are cut into the stamp but with a raised background

Thus giving a sunk border with raised lettering

Quite small

Stamp For Australia

Recent signature stamp

Special Number stamps for Marking Box Rules

Signature stamp for a fine leather worker


Recent commision to replicate the cover of Grimms Fairy Tales for the prodution of a finely made slip case

 Complete with ink impression


 Please notice the extra depth for this type of work



 Die with darker background to show detail




 We made the tooling for the restoration of this fine library

The cutting and gold embossing of the leather trim


    Example of heat emboss using our die           

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