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 Manufacturers of metal stamps and dies.

Engraving by Hand and Machine



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METAL STAMPS & DIES have been used for hundreds of years, dating back as far as some of the earliest of coins. The seal of many who used sealing wax and the stamp of their signet ring as a sign of their genuine signature on documents soon became the stamp of quality on manufactured goods.

Hidden away in the heart of Northamptonshire the art of making STAMPS and DIES continues today. Ian Houghton and Ian Allen-Rowlandson have been HAND and MACHINE ENGRAVING and making STAMPS and DIES accumulating over 50 years experience between them in this art and now trade as CHALCO STAMP & DIE CO.

Their reputation has brought them into contact with many wonderful craftsmen and women who have been helped to put the sign of quality they so proudly display on their high quality goods. Multinational products have borne their logo on their goods with stamps produced in this small but busy workshop.

The value of the quality of your product is the day you decide you mark them as your own brand. Marking takes many forms so before going too far why not seek the advice of the experts. Whatever the material you are producing from ,metal, wood leather or pottery we should have an answer.


By turning to our product page we hope to explain or display the different terms used to help you to explain to us your requirements. This opens the door to us giving you the help and benefit of our experience.



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