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'Children are remarkable for

their intelligence and ardor,

for their curiosity, their

intolerance of shams, for the

clarity and ruthlessness of

their vision.' 



A Childrens Home Needing A History



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This website is being created as a place to share memories, images, and links with those who were in the care of The Martha Frew Home, Crossford, Fife, Scotland between the years of 1955 and 1978.

Many children entered the doors of Keavil House re-named The Martha Frew Childrens Home for its duration. Located in Crossford, Fife it became a Residential Childrens Home. Many now adults will be aware that little if any information exists to record its care, the times then and the reality of experience. 



Regular readers of this website will notice the flaws and delays. apologies that things have been delayed but the posts to this website are now at last here on Your Memories.


However I have been working with CELCIS and the Scottish Human Rights in connection with records and access.




Confirmation that 5 annual Inspection Records are in existence and have been shared with me by National Archives.The other 20 out of the 25 years are missing. They are full of information but have restrictions. Four of the se reports are carried out by individuals only 2 are carried out by the same Inspector. There is a marked difference in their format, the attitudes and of course the task they had to accomplish. 02/08/2014 [Ed.]


"It is hoped that the Freedom of Information Inspector's Reports for the Martha Frew Home may be able to be used a little more easily after discussions with National Archives Scotland next week."

The supporting reports to Committee on the closure of the Martha Frew Home remain missing. 24/02/13 [Ed.]



How did Jim Fix it, so that his child abuse was never examined?

The addition of Tom Minogue's work is to be found on the WHAT IS NEW tab. An exacting document that is clear and concise in its purpose. A serious distubing account that requires everyone who wishes to understand how some children became a commodity within a system that ought to protect them, and instead ends up protecting itself.


In a few months CELCIS, Centre for excellence for looked after children in Scotland and the SHRC, Scottish Human Rights Commission will hold 'InterAction' together to progress a range of issues by involving all who are affected by historic abuse in residential and foster care.

InterAction have been tasked to develop an action plan which will outline agreed steps to advance access to justice.



CELCIS is now tasked with creating a national database and archive for all childrens residential homes that existed. This project will rest heavily on the Australian website and used as a model of excellence.

http://www.findandconnect.gov.au (please copy and paste the link)



More information can be found on the web and also a questionnaire that anyone with this type of experience in their lives, their work, their families are requested to make known their views about the way this process should work and how the information is held and used. Any difficulties or issues can be noted.

www.shrcinteraction.org (please copy and paste the link)

Your responses are confidential and will add to a fuller understanding of what existed and what can be achieved today.


A visit last year to Dunfermline Carnegie Library plus the finding of many pictures taken at Keavil House just after the Home had closed provides much material and help.

The tracing of the very earliest concepts, the early decision making of the Dunfermline Council to enable a Children's Home to be built was revealin in its ideology and eventual creation.

A unique set of Dunfermline Council Minutes still housed in the Library can be consulted with permission at the Local History Library.

There is now an up to date picture of part of the Martha Frew Home (now Keavil House Hotel) This picture shows the wing where children and staff used the curved corridor and little dining area where children had would have their meals.


In time these web pages will be improved as the new website is being developed. This is a one person effort, with little expertise, the site will improve.

Your comments, memories are vital in this progress and process to ensure that the Martha Frew Home history is recorded.


This site will be changed in the new year, updated and enlarged. A combined visit to Dunfermline in a few months and a better presentation will help many who need a place to relate their experiences and ideas and to learn more about the Martha Frew Home.

It will also be a much easier website to keep updated and to add images. Pictures and memories, contacts and any paperwork is what is continuously sought. So much has been destroyed, lost or disposed of over the years..


                                                                                                                                                                                            PLEASE CHECK YOUR MEMORIES TAB ON THE LEFT HAND COLUMN

Martha Frew Children Website will help to locate and gain access to images and documents about the Martha Frew Childrens Home. There are some difficulties in gaining the reasons for its closure and the day to day running of the children's home.

Please feel free to use these pages as a way of arriving at a better understanding of the things that happened to children in care then in this Childrens's Home.

By making valuable links with others helps to give meaning to long pondered events  and make a better understanding of those times.


Use the CLICK TO ADD INFORMATION or GUESTBOOK (on the left hand side of this page) for queries or if you wish to share thoughts and memories.

Your confidentiality will be respected if you wish. You can use your name or include the initials you want to be used instead of your name.

More archived images, documents and memories can be shared by using the tabs on the left hand side of this page.


1. Johnny's Whitfield's Tree, read his experiences and memories. This may be the tree that many played in and around. It features in some of the child memories on this website.

2. This is the wing of Keavil House. Then the Martha Frew Home, the curved corridor and the  small dining room was here. It is the subject of many memories.

3. Picture taken in the once Formal Gardens of Martha Frew Home 2012 (this picture will have to be re-loaded)


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