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ADTB Promises and Principles

• To assure the dog owners they are training that their standard of care, sympathy, kindness with methods and wellbeing of dogs is of the highest standard.
• To provide adequate insurance coverage for themselves and for both dogs and owners they are involved with training.
• To never use a training method that would instill any form of mental or physical cruelty to a dog.
• To use only acceptable training equipment and never to use any form of electrical device, prong collar or indeed any other such equipment that may cause injury, pain or anguish to a dog.
• Accept that the owners have total decision regarding their dogs training.
• Show respect to other local trainers.
• To always conduct themselves in a manner that will uphold the good name of the ADTB.
• To either uphold their ADTB membership yearly or remove from their advertising and or website any reference to being an ADTB member.
KCAI and Code of Conduct
KCAI and Code of Conduct
As a member of the KCAI working to gain accreditation, the following code should be expected to be followed:
Members will be expected to:
 act with integrity, in a professional courteous manner befitting
membership of their club, business, the Kennel Club and
the Scheme.
 exercise professional judgment, skill and care to the best of their
 respect confidentiality, personal rights and expectations of all.
 charge a fair price for the services provided and not unfairly exploit /
mislead / offer levels or services not trained / qualified to deliver.
 not unfairly elicit trade or clientele to the detriment of others, and be
diplomatic in discussions to avoid criticising or condemning advice
given / methods used by other Clubs / Instructors, especially where
those in question will not have the opportunity to justify their actions.
 ensure adequate awareness of legal and health and safety issues
including having appropriate insurance.
 only use designated letters of the Kennel Club when appropriately
qualified to do so.
Training Practice
Members will be expected to:
 be conversant with / promote the Kennel Club Canine Code and all
aspects of responsible dog ownership.
 be able to work in the best interests of the individual dog and
handler / owner(s).
 acknowledge, promote and use suitable and motivational methods.
 take every reasonable care to control activities which may cause
injury or aggression to or by the dog.
 have an understanding of dog behaviour and mechanisms of
 have an understanding of the human skills of learning, communication
and counselling.
 be able to advise on the choice, maintenance and safe use of training
 be able to teach to the level of their experience, recognise their
limitations and the consequences of advice given.
C. Complaints and Grievances
 Complaints and grievances arising from non-adherence to this Code
should be referred to the Kennel Club.
 The Kennel Club Rule A42 will apply. This rule covers complaints
made in respect of conduct that is discreditable or prejudicial to the
interests of the canine world.
 The Kennel Club will offer help and advice to members.
Three of the Pack
Three of the Pack
Toby, Bess and Pip.
The Gallery
The Gallery
This photograph features Ivor who is friends dog, as you can see he is the 'head' of the Whitehead household!

The Gallery has pictures of my dogs, friends dogs and if you would like photos of your dogs to feature on the gallery please email them to me with a description and I will add them. They can be amusing, lovely or a tribute to your dog. Click on the link to see more photographs. This page will be updated as more photographs are added.
Let sleeping dogs lie
Let sleeping dogs lie
Pip and Trixie
Toby, Bess, Pip and Trixie
Christmas Day 2014
Christmas Day 2014
Toby, Pip, Bess and Jake
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