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Lochalsh Community Council

Auchtertyre – Avernish – Balmacara – Kirkton – Reraig – Glaick


Meeting held on : Tuesday 2nd November 2021

Time : 7.30 pm Venue : Zoom

Present Adrienne Sowood, Tim Sowood (Chair) Lynne Crawford, Emma Bennon, James Merryweather, Holly Philp, Susan Pettie, Siobhan Barker, Biz Campbell.

Apologies Sarah Longley

Approval of previous minutes 21st September 2021 Minutes approved.

Matters arising from minutes of last meeting.(not covered by Agenda items)

Emma has set up a new facebook page, Lynne will ask Lyndsay again to remove the older page. And Siobhan will see Craig. Then we should have a single designated page.

Bus Shelter – Tim sent Biz the Highgate report as requested.

Bank Problems. Signature problems now sorted at last.

Refurbishment of Picnic tables. Roddy Stewart now has a new cheque. Adrienne to complete and forward Grant Monitoring form.

Two barrels for Balmacara Square have been paid for and delivered to Siobhan.

Before we can collect the table tennis table from Biz, Emma will write to Ann Gordon for permission to use Kirkton Hall and ask if we can use the Hall for future meetings.

Cheque to be paid to Auchtertyre Primary for Nursery outdoor clothing.

The card (thanks Sarah) to congratulate Kinlochshiel on winning the Camanachd Cup (the Scottish Cup) was sent and was very well received.

James has circulated information on “Climate Feis” ( https://www.climatefeis.org/)

A87 Response from Transport Scotland

Sarah and James have written to Transport Scotland asking them what action they have taken since getting Highgate’s Transportation report and recommendations. James, who wrote specifically about Auchtertyre has to date received no reply. Sarah has had a reply from Richard Perry (appended below) which was circulated and Tim read out to the meeting. Since then Tim has written a follow up (see below) requesting a progress report, a sight of the Bear survey referred to, and the latest position with the police consultation. He has received a short reply today (see below). Tim has also written to Ian Blackford asking him to bring pressure to bear (see below). Emma pointed out that the Bear survey should be available under the Freedom of Information Act. James cited yet another dangerous incident he recently experienced at the east exit from Auchtertyre.

Reraig layby problems

We have had lots of email exchanges in the last month about the problems of overnight parking, HGV parking and damage, unsociable driving behaviour and the poor layout.

Rosamonde Birch HC access ranger has liaised with Reraig residents and has posted temporary notices to stop overnighting and directing tourists to nearby campsites and motorhome facilities. This appears to have had some effect.

This also raised the issue of lack of toilet provision and the need to advertise where toilets are available.

Holly has also been in correspondence with Highland Council re the possibility of providing toilets under the THC comfort scheme. She was told by Highland Amenity officer that there was adequate provision in our area. However she has since been in touch with Rosamonde Birch re this matter who has said that when presenting data to the Tourism Committee on 29/9 one key feature of the actions needed for Lochalsh was additional. public toilets, or least some more on the trunk road routes before arriving into Lochalsh. The relevant emails have all been circulated.

With regard to HGV parking problems Biz suggested we write to David Devine.

Footpath Spraying

Concern was expressed about the random and careless spraying of footways by both Bear and Highland Council. Biz assured us that HC were not using Rentokil. We will get in touch with Bear (David Devine) and HC highways about this.

Rural Youth Project

Siobhan outlined the purpose of the national project to address the issues of concern to young people (16 – 28) especially housing, transport, connectivity, and how to keep younger people resident in rural areas. We should consider getting young people involved in our CC.

Seaweed Farm

Since the public pre-application Consultation meeting 10th March 2021, which many of us attended, we have seen no published results as promised. Emma reported that they had applied for a licence in August and we will be informed when comments can be submitted which will be over a period of 14 weeks. They apparently have reviewed the location. However Holly told us that she was aware that they have been granted lease options on the two areas by Crown Estates as you now have to get written consent from Glen Elg Sea Forest for moorings in these areas. She will circulate the map. We need to follow this up.

Lochalsh Collaboration

Next meeting has been postponed to 11/11. The draft survey findings are now complete and available for discussion together with the youth survey. There is also another source of information on the opinions of young people, a film about the art project in Plockton High School that produced the ‘Zine: https://www.lochalsh.uk/young-peoples-vision-for-the-future-of-lochalsh/. Siobhan will circulate the young people’s report.


Balance is currently £2982.40 which takes account of payments referred to above and £7.50 for the domain name.

It was agreed that we will continue to pay the honorarium and expenses referred to at the previous meeting out of the annual HC administration grant.

Tim asked that anyone else incurring expense to let us know.


Just one application for a sun room extension in Balmacara.

Correspondence (not covered above)

All the following have been circulated in the last month -

From Derek Manson (Asst Ward Officer -HC)

25/10 Grants to promote cycling

25/10 Scottish CC newsletter

25/10 Vacant and Derelict Land investment programme – Siobhan has forwarded to Old Mill Hall Committee.

25/10 Community Resilience Briefing

From Dot Ferguson

22/10 Queens Platinum Jubilee

17/10 Communities Mental Health Wellbeing fund

29/10 and 2/10 Community Resilience Briefing

From the Police

14/10 Newsletter

23/9 New Police Officer notification – Samantha McFadyen

From Dornie CC

2/11 re Aird Ferry (see ACOB)

From Scottish Water

1/10 Newsletter


Siobhan told us that there is meeting on Thursday which she will attend held by the Old Mill Hall Committee to make arrangements for the Light Up Balmacara evening on Dec 3rd. Emma will put the details on Facebook.

Further to Dornie CC letter about Aird Ferry not opening yet, we understand that a new manager has been appointed and is looking to restart day care as soon as possible. Apparently there have been delays due to staffing problems. Biz has been in correspondence with Louise Bassel re this matter and is asking specifically for an opening date.

Emma reminded us of Sarah’s KALEIDOSCOPE exhibition of young people’s art in Kyle starts tomorrow (3/11)

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 18th January 2022 at 7.30pm on ZOOM.


Trunk Road Casualty Reduction Team
Roads Directorate
Buchanan House, 58 Port Dundas Road, Glasgow G4 0HF

29 September
Dear Sarah Longley,
Recommendations for Kirkton (A87)
Thank you for your correspondence of 23 September regarding this location.
Transport Scotland has received the Safer Roads Foundation’s (SRF) report into the A87 and
this is currently being reviewed. We responded to the SFR shortly after receiving their report and
are planning further discussions regarding the technical aspects of their analysis and

recommendations with them.
As part of the review outlined in the paragraph above, we are also considering the findings and
recommendations of a separate report into road safety on the A87 between Auchtertyre and
Kyle of Lochalsh, which has been produced by road safety engineers at BEAR Scotland. This
report was commissioned following ongoing accident analysis on the trunk road network which
highlighted an above average accident-rate between these two locations. Should any
recommendations be progressed further, this will be prioritised alongside other road safety
works in the North West Unit.
In regards to the fatal accident which occurred to the east of Kyle of Lochalsh on 22 August, as
standard policy Transport Scotland arrange to meet with Police Scotland and our Operating

Company to obtain more information on the incident and to identify if there is a need for a further
road safety investigation. Until this meeting has taken place, and Police Scotland’s
investigations have been completed, it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.
We will continue to monitor road safety on the A87.
I hope you find this response useful.
Kind regards
Yours sincerely
Richard Perry
Road Safety Manager

Lochalsh Community Council

Auchtertyre – Avernish – Balmacara – Kirkton – Reraig – Glaick

28th October 2021

Richard Perry

Road Safety Manager

Transport Scotland

Buchanan House

58, Port Dundas Road


G4 0HF by email only

Dear Richard

Recommendations for Kirkton -A87

I refer to your to your letter to Sarah Longley dated 29 September 2021. As you are aware, Sarah and Lochalsh Community Council have been pursuing safety issues on the A87 for many years now with no tangible results to date.

The Safer Roads Foundation’s Report, commissioned by Ian Blackford MP and prepared by Highgate Transportation, recommended urgent implementation of its findings. You have had that report now since July this year, and we would like to know what progress has been made in view of that urgency.

We were also unaware that a separate report on A87 safety issues has been prepared by BEAR Scotland and would request sight of the report and its recommendations please.

Can you also let us know if your meeting has taken place with Police Scotland regarding the fatal accident in August and when you expect to be able to decide on what action to take?

Yours faithfully

Tim Sowood


Lochalsh Community Council

Email from Richard Perry dated 2/11/21 Good morning Mr Sowood - thank you for your letter. I'll review the points raised and provide a response as soon as possible. Kind regards Richard

Email to Ian Blackford MP 28/10/21

Dear Ian
Please find attached recent correspondence with Transport Scotland re continuing safety Issues on the A87 in Kirkton for which you kindly commissioned the survey and report from Highgate Transportation. As you can see it still drags on without tangible results.

I understand from Sarah that you considered a press release following the release of the report. Is this still a possibility?
Any other pressure you could bring to bear would be appreciated.
Kind Regards
Tim Sowood

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