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Lochalsh Community Council

Auchtertyre – Avernish – Balmacara – Kirkton – Reraig – Glaick


Meeting held on : Tuesday 8th June 2021

Time : Following AGM approx 8.30

Venue : Zoom

Present Adrienne Sowood, Tim Sowood (Chair) Lynne Crawford, Emma Bennon, Siobhan Barker, James Merryweather, Holly Philp, Sarah Longley, Biz Campbell.

Apologies Susan Pettie

Approval of previous minutes 20th April 2021

Minutes approved.

Matters arising from minutes of last meeting.(not covered by Agenda items)

Treasurer Resignation – we need to organise handover with Craig and arrange with Bank for Emma to be a signatory as new Treasurer. Craig also ran the facebook page. Emma will set up a new group facebook LCC page. Craig will close the old page and Lynne will contact Lyndsay to close the other LCC facebook page.

We agreed to get a tree for Craig as a leaving present in recognition of his many years of service. Sarah said she would make a card.

A87 Bus Shelter and Safety

Sarah said the latest email from Dave Tigh recommended targetting HGVs.

Lynne has been unable to contact the Safer Routes to School man as he has been off ill. She will follow this up.

Post meeting note – we now have seen the draft report from Highgate Transportation for the Safer Roads Foundation which has encouraging recommendations which we can take forward.

Bus Shelter – Biz is attending a meeting with Transerve and Council reps re this on-going issue on 25th June

Lochalsh Collaboration

We had our virtual road show with Glenelg CC on 27th May.

Many issues emerged for consideration in the Community Action Plan including Housing, Transport links, Facilities, Recycling centre etc.

The results of the survey are being published in the Community Newsletter as they emerge including the separate youth survey.

Highland Good Food project

Emma reported that this area was under represented and seems to centre on the East Coast and Black Isle. Siobhan pointed that the Collaboration survey highlighted the need for allotments/poly tunnels in the area.


Balance - £2858.89

Only withdrawal £1500 – Beth’s cafe – grant for meals for needy families


Applications in our area approved – Croft 9 Avernish and Colliemor Stables Balmacara

Correspondence (not covered above)

Dot Ferguson Community resilience briefings and guidance– all circulated

Police – Community Newsletter – circulated

Glenelg SeaForest -circulated

Injury on Auchteryre Hill – Grid reference needed – James will send to Emma.


Adrienne mentioned that some benches and tables at Reraig are in need of repair and will apply for Ward Discretionary grant.

Siobhan asked for anyone willing to be interviewed by Annie for a research project on the effects of Covid.

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 21st September 2021 at 7.30pm on ZOOM. Please note earlier time!

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