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Lochalsh Community Council

Auchtertyre – Avernish – Balmacara – Kirkton – Reraig – Glaick


Meeting held on : Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Time : 7.30pm

Venue : Auchtertyre Old School

Present Tim Sowood (Chair), Lynne Crawford, Sarah Longley, Emma Bennett-West, Craig Cummings, Adrienne Sowood, , Biz Campbell (HC Cllr),Danielle Jack, John and Carina Hibberd, Lucy Matheson.PC Reid

Apologies James Merryweather

Police Matters

PC Reid reported that the 57 incidents and 16 crime reports were not of any significant concern. There was very little vandalism and no disorder to report. The few thefts were mainly in Kyle and in general there is very little crime in the area. The current biggest problem in the area is speeding.

We drew his attention to our ongoing issues wiyh the authorities particularly Transport Scotland on the speed on the A87 at Kirkton particularly between 8 and 9 am when the children are going to school.

PC Reid said he considered that the A87 in this locality should be restricted to 40mph and would be happy for us to quote as saying this. He could not see the difference between this and other similar stretches of road locally which have such restrictions.

Craig raised the issue of unlicensed quads using the road. PC Reid said that all vehicles using the highway must be properly registered.

Approval of previous minutes

Minutes approved – Proposed by Craig , seconded by Adrienne

Matters arising

Balmacara Playpark equipment – Biz will ask to see the the survey.

Notice Board –. Adrienne has written a third time to Spar Development Manager giving approximate costs for this and Sponsorship of the picnic area barrels. There has still been no response.

Biz suggested we approach HC for money from their discetionary fund.

Proposed New Development – Auchtertyre

The outline planning application (PIP) has now been submitted to Planning. Comments by 1/5/19.

The latest scheme was discussed at length including the increase to 44 dwellings, changed location of public and elderly housing, the effect of the school etc.

The feeling was that little had changed despite the numerous submissioms pre-application to Bidwells and that the disproportionate size and scale were still unacceptable. There was no obvious community gain, the school would lose amenity space and the additional pupil numbers would require further classroom space. The access road isssue is also a matter of concern.

It was noted that the residents present were objecting to the scheme and would do so using the appropriate channels. It was also expected that objections would come from the school. Tim undertook to reflect all this in the Lochalshh cc comments as a Statutory Consultee.

It was also brought to the meeting’s attention by Lucy that PIP had just been granted to Lochalsh Estates for their development of 6 houses behind the village. This application was made nearly a year ago and we commented at the time.

Lucy reported that the community buy-out company was in the process of being established. Directors are in place and an interest will be registered with the appropriate body. The community area for the buy-out has to be defined by post code and settlement – Auchtertyre, Reraig, Kirkton , Nostie and Avernish and named Auchtertyre and District Community. The scheme will go to public consultation within this area.It will have to demonstrate the community needs/use such as allotments, amenity space, grazing and possibly limited housing to assist in funding.

A87 On-going issues

Tim read out his email to Transport Scotland, Bear and Highland Council to express our disappointment at the poor response from all the authorities/agencies regarding the ongoing A87 issues.

Sarah read out her letter from Iain Blackford dated 4/4/19 (copy below).

Emma reported on-going issues with the siting of the bus shelter. Once again no progress whatsoever. Biz undertook to find out when the relocation would finally take place.

Lynne said that the journalist would contact Emma to do a follow up interview,

KLCT - Lochalsh wide consultation

Tim reported that the meetings with SCDC, KLCT and members of local community groups were continuing and to date have come up with various topics for consultation which he read out and are listed below.

The need for a soft play area was suggested and Sarah mentioned the value of a “Men Shed”

Lucy also raised the impotance of “Silverline” for lonely people.


Craig reported current balance is £2913.59

Craig said that he explored other options for insurance but felt that we should stay with Zurich this year.

Adrienne is pursing sponsorship for replanting barrels with the hotel.


Nothing further to report

Correspondence (not covered elsewhere)




Date of next meeting

AGM Tuesday 11th June 2019 at 7.30pm Auchtertyre Community Centre.


Letter from Iain Blackford

Dear Ms Longley,
Thank you for contacting Ian Blackford MP with your concerns over excessive speeding on the A87 trunk road at Kirkton - particularly in light of the recent tragic fatal accident.
Ian has written to the Chief Executive of Transport Scotland, and BEAR Scotland, to
raise this issue and to seek assurances that the speed limit at this site will be reviewed to ensure the safety of local residents. We will be in touch as soon as he receives a response.
I am required to forward a copy of Ian Blackford MP's updated privacy policy, which I include below for your information. Personal information supplied to this office will be processed under the "PublicTask" legal basis and will be deleted when no longer needed for your case.
Thank you and kind regards,

Janice Mackinnon
Caseworker to Ian Blackford MP (Ross, Skye & Lochaber)
Leader of SNP Westminster Parliamentary Group

Mamore House
Fort William PH33 6BA
T: 01397 700030

Lochalsh Wide Consultation Topics for Consultation

- Issues around what is life is like for particular population segments eg – Youth, older people, housebound, disabled, BME folk
- Questions or inquiry processes which reach the hard to reach – eg housebound older folk experiencing isolation
- Overall quality of life – exploring how different factors might interact in relation to this
- Employment – Including unemployment, underemployment, low pay, need to work several jobs, seasonal employment, employability support
- Transport -including its impact on ability to work, impact on disposable income, impact on social, educational and recreational opportunities, impact on planning and delivery of community services and facilities
- Health services – Access to these, and impact of lack of access on peoples lives
- Access to spaces for local activities in general for communities wishing to organised or develop and deliver services, ether themselves or with other partne
- Business support especially in terms of – small scale workspace access, opportunities for synergy between local; small businesses including creative businesses.
- Childcare support – especially in relation to facilitating  work or education
- Housing -in terms of access to appropriate housing, impact of sustainability of communities and retaining younger people and  families. The impact of change of use eg homes to tourist business use eg Air B & B, other holidays letting  restaurants or
- Experiences of engaging with and/or influencing landowners
- Experience of engaging with or influencing formal process of planning for services, land use etc


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