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Lochalsh Community Council

Auchtertyre – Avernish – Balmacara – Kirkton – Reraig – Glaick


Meeting held on : Tuesday 19th January 2021

Time : 8.00pm

Venue : Zoom

Present : Biz Campbell (HC Cllr), Tim Sowood, Sarah Longley, Adrienne Sowood, Craig Cummings, Susan Pettie, Emma Bennett-West, Lynne Crawford, James Merryweather

Apologies for absence : PC Donald MacLean (unable to attend via ZOOM but had telephone conversation with Tim this PM – relevant comments added under agenda items below)

Approval of previous minutes 17th November 2020

Minutes approved.

Matters arising from minutes of last meeting.(not covered by Agenda items)

Quads and Motorcross bikes – the problems these were causing in the Dairy and Woodland Park were raised this pm with the police who advised that if they were licensed and insured it is OK. Police will keep a look out when in area for any illegally driven. He advised we contact FC re use of woodland park. Suggested we highlight the issue on Facebook and/or local newsheet.

Covid resilience grant

Further to Dot Ferguson's email (circulated) re above and the fact that Lochalsh Collaboration decided on Tuesday not to resurrect their response programme of aid, we have applied for a grant of £1500 (the max for any single application) from HC’s Covid grant scheme. We have identified that Beth’s cafe is already providing meals for an increasing number of local needy families and would welcome more funds for her and her volunteers to continue this valuable work.

Susan pointed out that the Collaboration need to be aware that there is still an issue of food poverty being addressed in this area and undertook to inform Susan Walker and the Trust of the work Beth is doing.

Community winter gritting

Adrienne and Craig have liaised with MacKenzie (Mack) Sutherland (acting roads officer ward 5) and managed to get grit boxes placed throughout our area.

A87 Bus Shelter and Safety

To clarify the position so far Tim has prepared and circulated a schedule of major communications on these matters since our latest campaign started last November. (timeline1.docx attached)

The situation at present would seem to be:-

Bus Shelter – it was felt, particularly by Biz and Tim, that the curt response from Dave Summers HC, received and circulated yesterday (18th) was probably sent without knowledge of Biz’s and Kate Forbe’s recent interventions. We decided that we should wait a little for further responses and Biz undertook to follow matters up with HC officers.

However it seems the bus contactor is the stumbling block and Emma noted that contrary to the email he is still using the newly designated stop. Craig said he would contact the bus contractor for clarification.

A87 -safety. At this point we have had no further response from Ian Blackford’s team – he has been kept up to date with the latest correspondence. Sarah is still awaiting a reply to her recent email to Dave Tighe. James is still waiting to hear from Richard Perry (Transport Scotland). Lynn has just today received an email from Ross Bartlett SRTS who was very helpful and would work with the school to draw up a school travel plan for children who walk or cycle to school. Tim spoke to PC Maclean giving him the background to our concerns. He is new to the area and will look at the bus stop location, check for incidents and noted they do regular speed checks at Reraig.

So we now need to consider our further response to Transport Scotland when we get together the outstanding information.

Lochalsh Collaboration

Issue 10 of the regular Community Newsletter has been delivered to all homes in the LCC area.

Tim, Susan and Biz attended the last Zoom meeting on Thursday 14th Jan.

The questionnaire for community engagement is to be delivered with the next issue (no 12) of the newsletter.

The first virtual roadshow is to be held by Achmore which will test the proposed format etc.


Craig reported a current balance of £2833.

We have donated £25 to Balmacara Christmas lights and £25 to Auchtertyre School Christmas Party


Nothing this month.

Correspondence (not covered above)

A lovely thankyou card from Auchtertyre Primary (copy attached thankyou.docx) for the Christmas Party.

Sunday Mail Young Scot Awards 2021 circulated.


Abandoned vehicles in Balmacara NTS car park. The police directed us to the HC Abandoned Vehicle Enquiry Flow Chart on the council’s website (pd attached). This looks quite useful. Susan has already tried it sometime ago but we will give it another go.

At this stage the meeting reached its time limit.

Date of next meeting (unless something urgent comes up before)

Tuesday 16th March 2021 at 8.00pm on ZOOM.

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