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2nd Feb launch event

living legacies launch 2nd feb 2012More than 50 people participated in the launch event and began to develop their living legacies. Check out the page on this site of Living Legacies beginning to learn more. Some of the session was videod so you can get a better understanding of what went on, the thinking behind the postings on the Living Legacies beginning page and how you might like to participate.

Part one is 60 minutes long

Part two is 63 minutes long.

You can download the videos and run your cursor along to get to a point quickly that you might like to look at. There are a number of applications that enable you to do this, such as Download Helper for Firefox.

I set the scene for co-developing living legacies in this 5 minutes clip

People in the room then contributed to the introduction by outlining some of their passions and work for making a difference that could form the basis for co-developing living legacies. Bryan Chalker's contribution in this 3 minute clip is an example.

The notion of inviting people to begin to co-create living legacies during the final months of APEX has its genesis in many sources: Ed Harker and Sue East said to me they were concerned that the talents, expertise and knowledge created in the evolution of APEX would be lost; I had read Catherine Forester's paper about the creation of her living legacy; Maureen Breeze's work on the special issue, 'Co-operation in Education', of the Journal of the Society for Cooperative Studies, she brought to the 'Living Values Improving Practice Cooperatively: An international CPD action research project; Jack Whitehead's work on values-based educational research and the connection Joan Walton with the Centre for the Child, Family and Society (Liverpool Hope University) which is accrediting at Masters level CPD and to which local research groups such as the Living Values Improving Practice Cooperatively and the Improving Practice Conversation Cafe are affilitated. This gives you some idea about some of the various educational relationships space and opportunities that APEX has been connecting and working with and the extent of the connections and influence that you might have as you develop and contribute your living legacy.

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