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The cover title: Chasing Fleeting shadows in the Wind, is taken from Andy Walker’s most important, life changing case, and the one in which his own life hung by a thread. It was the 1960 ‘Chase Murder’ and it all went belly up!

Now having retired from the East Midlands Force, ex police inspector Andy Walker has decided to write up his memoirs. He has always been a private man, with only one or two really close friends and one of these is Osborn Lucky. During a discussion of the form his memoirs should take, It is Andy’s wife, his second wife Hazel who, being a lover of detective novels herself, suggests Andy would do well to emulate the tried and tested methods of her favourite authors and should collaborate with a friend of likewise detecting interests. They both shout out the same name: Osborn Lucky, known to his friends as ‘Born Lucky.’

Andy and Osborn, had been friends since the 1960’s when Osborn had been kicked out of the police force. An expensive and time-consuming special operation had gone very wrong and a scapegoat was required to take the blame.

It had been Osborn who had been chosen to take the fall. Andy had empathised with Osborn and the two had become close lifelong friends.

Now Osborn had also retired from his work as a private detective and in this novel they both present their chosen case records, often quirky, with more than a hint of the paranormal, sometimes dangerous, and all, hopefully thought-provokingly different.

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