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(This poem was inspired by the current impasse in the Middle East conflict,

where both sides have shed so much blood in the search for peace)

‘Let loose the dogs of war’

By Harry Riley


Let loose the dogs of war

Let bullets fly and bombs rain down

We have to kill some more.

 It’s not our fault, the world must know

We cannot stop, we must not fail

We owe it to our unborn child

He has to see, he has to know

There was no other way


Let loose the dogs of war

The time has come for us to win

To show them all that we know how to die

Our cause is just!

We have the right to murder and to maim

In our Lords name we shell and shock

And blast them all to hell

 They will not learn, we can’t give in

The talking has to stop


Let loose the dogs of war

Have we not heard this before?

We’re born to love and hate and fight

And always it is us who’s right

Our Nation’s God our Nation’s Pride

Where is it now as time moves on?

And the desert sands run red with blood

In the Gaza Strip once more


Let loose the dogs of war

As I grew up I waved my flag

And thought to fight and win

They taught me that our Empire was

 The greatest man had known

 Yet now I know, as I grow old

The future’s looking dim

Our Empire is a dirty word

I must not say its name


 Let loose the dogs of war

We have no choice, the devil calls the day

But will we never learn

To see ourselves for what we are

To give God’s Grace to other souls

To show we know the way to help

 And not just how to burn



‘For God and Monty’

By Harry Riley


The lights went out and the tanks rolled in

Through Europe’s open door.

The Nazis blazed an evil trail

Of victory they were sure


“Retreat! Retreat!”

The generals cried “The enemy’s all around

Retreat! Retreat! We must give way

They’ve got us licked

The game is up

They’ll blast us to the ground”


One soldier though was firm and strong and would not heed the call.

His, was a voice they all knew well

“We’ll stand and fight and win or die and bellyache no more

I have a plan

In the desert heat we’ll trap their tanks

And with God’s good grace we’ll all win through

And even up the score.


Now Rommel was the Desert Fox

And his Panzer troops were legend.

No one could check his onward march

Until that day he met his match

In a stubborn man with a two badge cap

And a passion for a battle


He marked a thin line in the sand

“Enough of this!

It’s here we stop and it’s here we stand

With God’s good grace we’ll fight our way

Through the blood and the tears

Every hour of the day”


And they did it all for King and Country

And for themselves

And for God and Monty

Through the fear and the strain

And the death and the pain

At the turning point in World War two

At the battle of El Alamein



‘Ode to Marie Anne’

                                            By Harry Riley

    In a cottage by a river

Down a valley deep and wide

Lived the daughter of a killer

From his sins she tried to hide


Marie-Anne had kept a diary

Since the day he went away

As she tried to find the reasons

For his actions on that day


In the township people waited

Flags were flying- bells were ringing

Happy crowds of people singing

Bands came marching

Trumpets blaring

Open coach came into view


Could the victims tell

What struck them?

 As the bullets swiftly flew

Would they die in that grim way?

Watching people waving cheering

Knowing it was their last day


To a cottage by a river

Down a valley deep and wide

Came a stalker, entered

Breaking, smashing, wrecking

Found the diary he’d been seeking

Coming home the young girl cried

She had named the guilty killer

In the record as her father


On the green banks of a river

Stood the young girl waiting hither

Soon the stalker came to join her

Both were wading in the water

As it rose to take them down 


Daughter held on to her father

Smiling as he tried to drown her

On that bright and sunny day

Those two bodies washed away

By a valley deep and wide


Lightning flashing, thunder crashing


River rising, pine trees falling

Earthquake shaking, cottage breaking

All goes under, bar the swimmer

Choking, gasping, arms outstretching

 As she makes her fight for life


Comes the morning, sun is shining

In the valley all’s returning

Marie-Anne is saved from drowning

By the young man passing by


He has found his life’s new meaning

As she thanks him, breath-returning

  Marie-Anne, the killer’s daughter

Starts a new life full of laughter

With her partner by the river

In the valley deep and wide



(A poem for Remembrance day)


 Remember me

Duty called and I went to war

Though I’d never fired a gun before

I paid the price for your new day

As all my dreams were blown away

Remember me

Once we, like you, would laugh and talk

And run and walk

And do the things that you all do

But now we lie in rows so neat

Beneath the ground

Beneath your feet

                                  Remember me

In mud and gore and the blood of war

We fought and fell and move no more

Remember me, I am not dead

                        I’m just a voice within your head


Remember Me: the full poem is used by singer-songwriter Jackie Trent for her Remembrance Day and ANZAC Day tribute on her own website: www.jackietrent.com.just click on the home page: ANZAC photo...

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