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Welcome to the Home of

Jaroca Bearded Collies &

Foxdawn Maine Coons



This was the picture (looking back towards our home) and shows where our dogs  and our neutered cats used to play. 

We are Carol,  Roy, & James Wilford and we used to  live on the beautiful island of Anglesey.  We have now moved and live at Oswaldkirk, near Helmsley, which in it's own way is just as beautiful as our old home.    I  will update the website and pictures just as soon as we have a few jobs out of the way.   If you want to talk Beardies or Cats our telephone number has changed and  is now 01439 787024.  
We have always owned and bred dogs and cats of various breeds and have had Bearded Collies now for nearly thirty years. 
The Maine Coons came later.  
Our time revolves around our Beardies and Maine Coons who enjoy a great life with us.  They are on the whole very healthy and rarely need the vet. They are all fed a natural diet some of which they have managed to catch themselves and I make my own treats of liver cake.
We have three Beardies, Sadie, Poppy & Gelert
Picture shows 
 Sadie, Poppy & Bootlace in a heap
They all like to sleep on top of crates or tables, even the dining room one if given the chance.
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