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Mr. Dan Goodrick - 13304.  IMSI - J-Blk

P.O. Box 51


Idaho 83707



Race - White

Birthdate - 17th September 1949

Release Date - 2016


I am a very lonely man  who has been locked up for the past 19 years with no family or friends, and only legal mail coming to read

. I am a 61 year old who has finally got it together. I enjoy reading, exercise, helping others, and stimulating my mind. I am a paralegal by profession, and a civil rights activists, always cheering for the underdog.

I am presently housed in administrative segregation in a 8X10 cell, and allowed 5 hours a week for outdoor exercise. I am educated and a very good listener. I've been told by peers that I've become soft and weak because of my empathy for others. I take that as a compliment.

I am not looking for romance, but seek down to earth, honest to goodness people who are sincere, truthful, solid and steady with correspondence, which could develop into a deep, caring friendship.

I am loyal, honest, and detest liars, bullies, and those who want to take advantage of others. Kindness doesn't mean weakness. I will answer any and all letters promptly. Please write - I will gladly reply to all.


Mark Foley.  No - J84268 - SHU D9 - 207
Pelican Bay State Prison
PO Box 7500
Crescent City
California 95532

Race - White

Release Date - Life

I am a 43 year old white man seeking a pen pal. I enjoy doing artwork and am interested in music, the outdoors, Irish history and people with a good sense of humor.

I'm doing a life sentence and would enjoy spending some time communicating with someone who would like to explore a friendship via the mail. I am presently in Pelican Bay's SHU – solitary confinement – so you can imagine how precious communication would be.

I'll be happy to answer all letters.

Timothy Wallace.  No. 139107
Cummins Unit
P.O.Box 500
Arkansas 71644-0500

Birthdate - 31 August 1966
Race - White
Release Date - Life

Hi There,

I'm Timothy, serving Life for murder. I am a romantic man at heart, wanting to meet a woman who enjoys romance, poetry, artwork, and who will be honest with me at all times.

It gets very lonely here so I'm looking for a lady that likes writing and receiving long letters and discussing everything with me.

I'm ex military, working on my case to try to get it overturned so I can get out of here.

I don't care about age or race, but please no drugs. I've never done drugs and I will be completely open and honest. Would like the same back in order to develop a true, lasting friendship.



Ray Louthian.  No - 10675 - 171
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O.Box 725
South Carolina.  29824

Birthdate - 21st November 1972
Race - White
Release Date - 2030

My name's Ray. I'm sitting here among the walking dead waiting for that special someone to resurrect me, if you should choose that task I'll promise we'll have lots of laughs.
I believe a true friendship can only grow in the honest soil, hopefully together we can cultivate that and watch it blossom into something beautiful. Please don't be fooled by my geographical location, I'm not a nut nor am I a lunatic. I'm simply a nice guy who had a good idea that went wrong, or you could say I had a dream which turned out to be a nightmare and now I'm living it.

My friends call me Stick. I have lots of hobbies, here's a tease, I play the guitar, many more but for those you have to feel hypnotically compelled to reply. I know describing myself should have been on top but I'm saving the best for last, hopefully your still under my spell. Okay, I'm 6'1", 155 lbs. Of Southern fried yummyness, I got lots of tattoos and they all mean something.

OK you can open your eyes now. Take a chance, roll the dice, a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet!


Jeff La Fontaine.  No - 15687424
777 Stanton Blvd
Oregon 97914

Birthdate - 24 May 1968
Race - White
Release Date - 2024


When I first heard of this type of penpal site I wondered why anyone would even think of writing a prisoner like me, but I was pleasantly surprised by the positive experiences some of my friends had, so here I am.

I have no expectations, but I must say that I have to deal with liars and manipulators every day in here, I have no desire to meet anyone like that, a person who just wants to play silly games. I simply want a friend, someone honest, loyal, who will continue writing for the long haul.

I enjoy my artwork and I am a positive thinking person who always tries to see the best in everyone.

If you are a sincere person seeking a friend, I will be delighted to have you as a penpal.

Thank you.



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