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     Ice Skates

Club skates

We have good quality club skates available for use during club sessions. Club skates must be returned to our cupboard by the end of the club session. We ask that all users of this facility get into good habits by ensuring the laces do not trail on the floor, tying the laces together after use and ensuring the blades are thoroughly dried before being put back in the cupboard.

Personal Skates

Skate Care

If you have your own skates, it is important to look after them, drying the blades thoroughly after each visit to the ice rink, and taking the skates out of their guards and/or bag at home.


It is important to keep your skates sharp, but don't get them sharpened just before a test or competition as you may discover you've lost control for a little while until the edges get bedded in and yo get used to having sharp skates again.

Skate sharpening is available through Inverness Ice Rink. Speak to Keith in the rink office.

Buying Skates

Some sports shops offer ice skates for around £30, which are fine for session skaters, but offer very little support if you want to learn to skate properly. 

There are specialist suppliers of more suitable skates in Aberdeen, Glasgow and online, and the club can offer some advice on request.

Many people choose to purchase second hand skates. If this is your first purchase, or first since you decided to learn to skate properly, it is often a good idea to ask a coach or other experienced person for advice. 

We have seen a number of poor quality skates on offer at inflated prices, as well as some excellent value for money offers.

If kept in good condition, the second hand price of  a basic figure skate (e.g. Risport Lasers) will be round £35 - £45.



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