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The Members page allows you to create a list of people, each with contact details and a mugshot. You might use this to list the members of your committee, or give details of your staff if you have a business.

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PO UC1 | David Broadley
David Broadley

Service 1965 - 1971
Boats - Ocelot, Sealion, Oracle
C.P. O. | Mr Rodney Cartwright
Rodney Cartwright

Service:- 1957-1981

Boats:- Osiris,Renown,Courageous,
L/Sea RP2 | Mr P. Curtis
P. Curtis

AB. UC3 | Mr P. Griffin
P. Griffin

St Vincent,Osprey,Acute,Cavalier,

Service: 1956-1966
CPO MECH | MR Gerry ( Pony ) Moore
Gerry ( Pony ) Moore

Service 1964-1986
Boats:- Alcide, Grampus, Finwhale, Churchill, Valiant
Jack Dusty | Mr David Morris

Ex Royal Navy
Associate Member
L/Sea (S) | Mr K. P. Pengelly
K. P. Pengelly

Otus,Onslaught,Repulse(P), Spartan,Superb,Tireless,

Service: 1981-2004

Branch Chairman.
POMEM | Mr N. Simpson
N. Simpson


Service: 1971-1979
CPO. MA | Mr Robert (Bob) Simpson
Robert (Bob) Simpson

Serving Member
Faslane Naval Base

Boats:- Opportune,Spartan,Sovereign,Tireless,Triumph
PO. MEM | Mr Ronald Thundercliffe
Ronald Thundercliffe

Service:- 1972-1995
Boats:-Courageous 1973-1979
Conqueror 1989-1990
Escape workshops Faslane 79-83
Devonport S-boats 87-89
LOM | Mr Ian (Topsy) Turner
Ian (Topsy)  Turner

Service:- 1985

LRO | Mr William (Bill) Vaughan
William (Bill) Vaughan

Boats:- Revenge 1973-1974
Onslaught 1974-1976
Service in Boats 1972-1977
LWEM. | Mr Nigel Weatheril
Nigel Weatheril

Service:- 1973-1994

Boats:- Valiant,Courageous,Conqueror,Revenge(P)

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