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This page is dedicated to the memory of our members  who are on eternal patrol.


Smith,S. (Sid)  Aged 79,  Sto/Mech,  Hull Branch, Service  1947-1950  Boats:-  Turpin,Seneschal,


Goundry, R.W. (Bob)  Aged 82,  AB, Hull Branch , Service 1943-1946  Boats:-  Unruffled



Mulloy, T. (Tom)  Aged 88       L/Cook  DSM  Hull Branch, Service  1942-1946   Boats:- Otway, Tantalus,



Canning, L. (Les)  Aged 85      AB   Hull Branch,  Service 1942-1946      Boats:-  Tally-Ho,


 Sowerby J. W. (Jim) Aged 88  AB ST  Hull Branch, Service  1941-1946  Boats:- Sportsman, Thrasher, Trenchant,


 Marret, J,J, (Jack) Aged 71 LM(E) Hull Branch Service 1959-1963                                                Boats:- Seraph,Seascout,Alliance,Ambush,Tactician,          Token,Ocelot, 


 Symes Ronald (Chippy)  Aged 89  Hull Branch (Associate member) Distinguished service in the Merchant Navy and Royal Fleet Auxillary.


Mann,T (Thomas) Aged 89 Tel Hull Branch, Service 1943-1946 Boats:- Umbra,Stygian,Tudor,


Richards, Norman Aged 86 CERA Hull Branch, Service 1944-1945 Boats:- Upshot  


Mahood, Andrew (Drew) Aged 64 Hull Branch, Service 1968-1978 Boats:- Finwhale,Cachelot,Onslaught,Osiris.


Babbington, John Aged 86 Stoker Hull Branch, Service:- 1946-1948 Boats:-Tantalus,Trenchant,Teredo.


Stark, Alan Aged 88 Stoker Hull Branch,               Service 1944-1948                                                 Boats:- Tactician,Trespasser,Talent,Auriga,Safari,


Winterbottom, Gary Aged 58 C.MEA Hull Branch   Boats:- Spartan,Turbulent,Torbay,


Soar, Terry Aged 75 POM(E) Hull Branch               Service 1959-1965                                                  Boats:- Tally Ho, Tapir, Anchorite, Tactician, Narwhale


Allison, Mike Aged     L/RO Hull Branch                  Service 1963-1966                                                 Boats:-  Excaliber,Ocelet,Osiris,Orpheus


Palmer, George R.  (Our late President)             AB/ ST1 Hull Branch,                                             Service:- 1943-1946.                                             Boats:- Seascout.


Woods Keith  Hull Branch (Associate Member) ( Rum Bosun ) distinguished service in the Merchant Navy and Royal Fleet Auxillary.  0000000000000 

Ron Simpson, 90 ( Associate Member ) distinguished service in Royal Navy, Merchant Navy, Trawlers, British Rail and as a publican. 


Blanchard Malcom ( Malley ) L/sea RP2 Service 1965 - 1975 Boats - Repulse, Revenge, Superb.


Dearlove Eddie Associate member served in Royal Navy

1967 -1977 L/S Gunner  


Raines Cyril L/sea uc2 Branch secretary and vice president, Service 1966 - 1974, Boats Valiant, Churchill


Weatheril Nigel ( Zeb ) L/wem , service 1973 -1994, boats Valiant, Courageous, Conqueror, Revenge ( p)



Simpson Neil PO MEM, Service 1971 - 1979, boat Renown.












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