Management Plan 2023

The many species that call the reserve home will continue to be recorded.

Investigate possible reasons why different ponds on the reserve have differing levels of life within them

Continue the fight against invasive plant species, especially Japanese Knotweed and Montbretia after ome success in 2022.

Introduce interpretation on the reserve via QR code links to the website including hide upgrade

New signage and publicity campaign to drive visitor numbers

Remove all Ash trees infected with Ash die-back disease. Those that appear to be resistant will be identified and protected. Protect oak seedlings from deer browsing

Increase the numbers of flowering plants in more accessible areas of the reserve by raising and planting plug plants using seed collected from the reserve.

Encourage dog walkers to abide by the Scottish Outdoors Access Code requirement to keep their dogs on leads, especially during the breeding season.

Continue to remove washed-up plastic from the reserve.




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