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Elizabeth Woodcock opens the 2008 Highland Science Festival

Quantum theory in 2 minutes - it's a swirling dance of motion

Some of the most intent listeners were children who brought their parents along to hear of ideas about the nature of space and time

Bill Graham relaxing after giving 30 lectures on Relativity - the World's Shortest, moving from Einstein's trains to rockets in spacetime

If the flash of light from the train reaches the railway station at time t... Bill Graham explaining relativity to Ashley Titman of Borders Bookstore

Bill Graham shows an image of space and time

I counted them all in... and I counted them all out again - Simon Urry keeps the records outside the World's Smallest Lecture Theatre

A Noble Timber Tardis? There's certainly a lot more inside here than we realised.

Deep at the heart of reality, it's processes that we encounter, rather than objects - and process with pattern. Howie Firth on quantum theory.

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