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"You're like a lush island of sanity in a mad world."

Alex B. (West Coast) 


"She makes me feel all sparkly inside." (phone consultation)

Elaine F. (Dingwall)


"I must say I was very sceptical about this form of treatment but I have had so much pain with sciatica for the last 7 months, I was willing to let Fionna use Kinetic Chain Release on me. I'm so very pleased I did. After just 1 session all the pain has gone, I can bend to pick up things I have dropped, climb stairs, roll over in bed, walk miles, all with no pain. Thank you Fionna, you're wonderful."

Maureen A. (Retired Nurse, Scottish Borders)


"I have had sciatica on and off for years, with lower back and pelvic pain.. and since seeing Fionna for Kinetic Chain Release, I haven't had any issues. I'm in utter heaven."

Trish P. (Strathpeffer)


"When I have a session from Fionna I always feel physically relaxed and mentally inspired. This amazing lady always has something to teach me and challenges me to become better. Thank you."

Juls M. (Black Isle)


"She does some really lovely things."

Carrie M. (Conon Bridge)


"Who would have thought, sitting in a room, while a woman pummels your back, pulls your hair and slaps you about the head could be so relaxing" 

Louise S. (Dingwall)


"The Foot Saviour"

Cornelia H. (Rosemarkie)


  "i hav

"I have been a client of Fionna's for some-time having had Reflexology and Reiki treatments, which I found to be very relaxing, leaving me calmer, happier and healthier. I have also completed my Reiki 1 training with her.

For client convenience she can do home visits for some treatments, which means one can continue relaxing instead of having to drive home. However, her therapy room in her peaceful and isolated cottage provides a truly relaxing experience. My Reiki 1 training coincided with lovely sunny days in July so most of the course took place under a tree by her garden pond - A very special and memorable experience for me.

Fionna is professional & friendly and I highly recommend her."

Helen G. (Dingwall)
















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