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Shamanism has stood the test of time dating back 40,000 years, encompassing all peoples worldwide from the American Indians and Australian Aborigines to the Celts, Picts and Druids of our own shores.  It is a non-religious system of beliefs including the knowledge that everything is a conscious being. With this in mind we can therefore communicate with all living things and should be in a state of equality (rather than dominance) with life on earth. In todays environment, striving to live in harmony and balance with the earth and our fellow creatures has never been higher on our agenda.

The Shamanic Journey is an integral part of the work, enabling the connection to the sacred energies of the Earth and to Spirit. Much of the work you will do is experiential (learning from your own experience during each session). As the facilitator I will guide you, drum for you and create a safe space for you to reconnect with yourself and explore the answers that are already there in your own sub-conscious. 

Journey to find your Power Animal and/or your Spirit Guide - You will learn how to Journey, connecting to the Sacred Energies of the Earth and to Spirit.  The beat of the Drum changes the vibrations within the body and stimulates theta waves in the brain to those of the dream state. This can be learnt privately or with another, allowing for a sharing of experiences.

Cutting the Cords that Bind You - We all have unhealthy ties to old relationships, family members, experiences and/or events that get in the way of our own development. To the sounds of Mongolian throat singing we will work together to release the attachments to these bonds in a forgiving and loving way.

Discontinued -  Garden of the Soul - A beautiful and often profound Journey of six sessions (over 6 weeks) allowing for a deeper look inside yourself to find the answers to your own questions. A prerequisit for this work is a Journey to find your Power Animal, which will have given you a basic understanding of Journeying.

Discontinued - Extraction Method - is the removal of misplaced energy that is held in the physical, mental or emotional body - Energy left behind from old injury such as a sprained ankle, which keeps repeating itself or when an old emotional hurt cannot be let go of. Hanging on to mental or emotional trauma usually ends up as a physical illness or weekness, creating an energy block in the body, which may be removed through the extraction method, replacing the displaced energy with healing energy.

Discontinued - Soul Retrieval - is the action of bringing home a part of the soul that may have been lost through trauma. There are numerous reasons for soul loss, all of which, initially, are healthy ways of protecting us at the time, from various experiences such as - watching our parent fight; just before an accident; in an abusive situation/ relationship; unable to deal with grief and so on. Or you can give part of your soul away freely to someone you love - not a good idea, both loose. In some cases, the soul part will return on it's own. Symptoms of soul loss include depression; feeling stuck or unmotivated; feeling out of control or incomplete; feelings of disconnection from life; feeling like a part of you is missing. You'll have heard expressions such as 'something's missing' or 'I feel lost without so and so'. The Retrieval process is about openess, tuning in, trusting and ultimately receiving a lost soul part, bringing back a sense of being more present in everyday life. 




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