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bobbie is a pony that does childrens sessions and carriage drives for gaira driving poniesBobbie

Bobbie is a 13.1hh black cob. He was born in 1992 and has been with us since 2001 when he was 9 years old. In his former life he competed in driving trials and drove both in a pair and a team.
He has served us very well and has worked well in every aspect of our business but has excelled at doing children's sessions. He has had the patience of a saint and allowed children of all ages to do anything they like with him and has driven for them on their voice commands. Sadly he has started to show his age during 2011 at 19 years old and has had to be semi retired.


badger orkney carriage driving show

Badger came to us at the beginning of 2011 aged 15. He is a Fell pony who had been a riding pony and broken for driving 2 years previously.   He has spent his first year learning new skills as a pair and taking people out on pleasure drives, going into town with Topper and taking cruise liner passengers out and doing the odd lesson as a single.  He has proved to be a really good pony and has turned his hoof to every job we have asked him to do including doing very well at the local carriage driving show and winning 3 classes.



 Hovis was born in 1995 and came to us in 2000 when he was 5 year old.  He was broken to ride but very inexperienced but our daughter took him to Pony Club and had great fun with him.  I broke him to drive and he was a lovely driving pony but sadly injured his back after about a year and, in spite of 6 months rest, the injury reoccurred as soon as he was driven again.  As you can see from the photo he drove tandem for a while so he did not have to do so much work but even this proved too much.   He has spent his time since then being a wonderful companion to the other ponies and he is Bobbie's best friend.



Jethro was born in 1996 and came to us in 2008.  He has suffered in the past from sweet itch and apparently was nearly put to sleep a few years ago.  He has a rather varied past and still sometimes shows he is a bit uncertain by threatening to kick if he gets upset.  He is a great driving pony and drives in a pair with any of the others or drives a single.  He has been quite unlucky and had a sinus infection two winters ago, a pulled ligament last summer and he fell over and cut his knees badly this summer so he has had lots of time off to get fat!


Topper was born in 2001 came to us in 2010.   He had been driven and competed as a single and was rather spooky and silly but he soon settled in a pair though we seldom drive him as a single.   He drives best with Badger though he has driven with both Bobbie and Jethro.  He also enjoys being ridden and spent last winter doing a bit of show jumping.  He does not really  match the other ponies but he is very beautiful and he does his job very well.



Billy was born in 2007 so he is the baby pony.  He came to us in 2011 and is currently being schooled and trained.  He is a Fell pony and looks as though he will match well with Badger.  

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