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Fisherwick Lakes - Rules & Regulations

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All anglers/visitors must report to lodge before proceeding to pools.

If lodge closed anglers to sign in and use honesty evelopes in wooden box to the left of front door, and post envelope through letterbox at bottom of door.

Anyone found without having paid will incur an additional £5.00 charge.

Members to sign in and produce membership card when requested.

All nets must be dry before use. Checks will be made. You will not be allowed to fish if you arrive with wet nets.

Barbless hooks only.

Current rod licence required.

Ground bait in feeder or pole cup only.

No floaters, boilies, nuts or seed in coarse pools.

Fish to be handled carefully (no rags as rags remove the protective slime, leaving the fish vulnerable to infection).

No coarse fish to be taken for the table.

Nie ryby maja byc usuniete z lowiska.

Nr pe?te care urmeaza sa fie eliminat din pescuit.

Ne �uvis turi buti pašalintas iš �vejybos.

Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

No fires.

All litter, broken tackle and cigarette ends to be taken away.  Small amounts may be placed in the bins provided. Please use recycling facilities at home.

Noise to be kept to a minimum

Any wildlife injuries to be reported.

Alcohol not permitted on site.

No Keepnets (matches only)


 Match Lakes

Keep nets / Landing nets must be completely dry, checks will be made. You will not be allowed to fish if you arrive with wet nets.

All matches must be booked in advance.

All peg fees must be paid before fishing commences.

Cancellations must be notified as soon as possible (min 24 hours required).

Barbless hooks only.

Minimum two keepnets required, one for carp, one for silver fish.  Keepnets must be dry before using. Max 50lb per net. 

Nominated angler must weigh any carp over 6lb separately, not to be put in keepnet.

All fish to be handled carefully, do not tip down nets at weigh in.

Groundbait in feeder or pole cup only.

Proper weigh slings must be used.

All litter to be taken away, including cigarette ends.

No floaters boiles, seed, nuts in Match Lakes.

No Specimen style fishing allowed.

Fishery supplied feed pellets only.


 Specimen Pool


Minimum 15 lb mainline.

No fixed lead rigs.

No beachcaster rigs.

No leadcore. 

Fish Antiseptic or similar product must be carried by all anglers.

Unhooking mats with sides or carp cradles must be used. Carp cradles are preferred.

Appropriate size landing net to be used, minimum 42".

No unattended rods, even with remote sounders.

No leaving rods with other anglers to watch.

No nuts of any kind.

Only pre-booked anglers can night fish .

Maximum of 11 anglers at night.

Please be considerate to other anglers and check where lines are cast before fishing.

No fish to be retained in sacks, retaining sling may be used for a maximum of 15 mins.

No litter, bait or cigarette ends to be left.  Take it home.

Bailiff has the right to check rigs, bait, permits and vehicles at any time.

Spodding permitted with lodge supplied pellets and particles.

No bait boats.

No surface zig rigs: suitable zig on one rod only (to avoid wildlife entanglement).

No non-fishing visitors after dark.

Pike fishing only allowed between November 1st and March 1st on the Specimen Pool, Runs Water and Wadey's Pool, deadbaits and lures only. Catfish safe single hook rigs must be used on specimen pool, available from the lodge.


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