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Match Rules

Please observe these Rules when Match fishing:

  1. All matches must be booked in advance.

  2. All peg fees to be paid before fishing commences. All pegs booked must be paid for regardless whether all anglers turn up.

  3. Cancellations must be notified as soon as possible.

  4. All nets must be dry before putting in water. Time to allow for this must be given before match starts.

  5. Max 50lb per keepnet. Please note winning weights of 150lb+ are common during warmer months. Carry extra nets in case needed. 

  6. An unhooking mat used under weighing area to rest keepnets or weighing sling on should be used.

  7. No tipping of fish down nets at weigh in. Careful handling reduces damage to fish skin and scales.

  8. All fish must be landed in a landing net, no swinging fish to hand.

  9. Barbless hooks only, max size 10. No floaters, boilies, seed or nuts to be used in match lakes.

  10. No cat meat.

  11. Only fishery feed pellets allowed, these can be purchased at the lodge.

  12. Groundbait in feeder or pole cup only.

  13. No unused bait to be thrown in water. All litter to be taken away, including cigarette ends.

  14. No specimen style fishing allowed.

Any queries about the above welcome from match organisers.

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