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Two former artificial 'streams' which were once supplied with moving water from pumps and used for salmon fishing have been turned into a very attractive and popular mixed fishery with the accent on bankside vegetation and good sport.

Until 2001 the Streams were two separate waters - The Short Stream and the Long Stream which were both a similar shape to a doughnut. However, these have now been joined into one continous water.

Ideal for the waggler or pole. Although only two rod lengths wide for the most part, the Streams is a 800 yard long continuous loop with an average depth of about six feet and plenty of reeds, lilies and trees.

The deepest part tends to be by the car park where it reaches eight feet and the shallowest parts are at the end nearest Pump Pool where it is about five feet.

With Mirror, Common and Ghost Carp to 15lbs; tench to 6lbs; Perch to 3lbs 8oz; Chub and the occasional barbel to 5lbs and more plus a lot of Crucian Carp to 1lb and roach and rudd to 1lb, there are plenty of fish to provide a varied and interesting day's fishing. Also, the Stream is an ideal pool for children because there are a lot of small perch and tench which are easily caught.

The best fish tend to be caught near the reeds during the summer and all baits are equally effective.

Another one comes to the netFish pole or rod but be careful - once a decent fish is hooked it usually makes straight for the nearest patch of weed, reed or bankside vegetation.

Hotspots are Pegs 1, 9, 12 and 15 which should be fished right in against cover with sweetcorn, meat or maggot. Near the reeds, Pegs 24 and 25 are good for the carp and tench but strong tackle should be used because there are also overhanging willows.

Other favoured pegs are 4, 5,41, 45 and 48 for carp, tench, crucians, roach and rudd.

A pleasant way to while away the hours, the fishing is good all round. There are plenty of features such as reeds, weedbeds and overhanging trees to make use of. Again, pole or waggler can be used, although anglers using the pole have to be careful because there are 15-feet high trees along the bank and the bankside trees, shrubs and bushes are growing well!

When using the waggler, fish either close in or towards the far bank using 3lb bottom to 2lb 8oz hook length. Hook sizes can be anything from 10 to 18 depending on the species you are going after.


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