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Specimen Pool

Fisherwick's Specimen Pool was formerely known as 'The Deep Hole' because on the Match Pool side of the lake off one of the peninsulas is a 27 feet deep sump which was used to collect water from the site when the gravel was being extracted.

From each bank there are various gravel bars and shallow areas to about 40 yards out  before sloping down to 20ft+ plus in the middle so be careful not to cast too far!

The tree-lined bay to the side of this peninsula is a popular place for fishing floating baits in the evenings when the fish move into the margins.

The majority of the lake is about eight feet deep although anglers are warned to stay out of the sump except during particularly cold weather. Because of the gravel bars it is also recommended to plumb the depth before fishing.

The lake is well stocked with a lot of 20lb+ carp upto 38lb caught july 2021, and a good head of double figure fish present.

The lake also has catfish to 64-08lb with 4 now over 50lb. and others between 20lb and 40lb.

There are some nice tench and bream to 7lbs.

Anglers fishing Specimen Pool must use a minimum line strength of 15lbs and have an unhooking mat with sides or a cradle, and minimum 42" landing net. micro barbed hooks are permitted on this pool, please leave the carp secured in the net in the margns until you have camera, scales, sling etc ready to reduce time on the bank.

In summer the best baits tend to be fishmeal-based boilies sticky krill or nash scopex squid ,Natures baits Alpha boilies work very well,  Tutti Frutti, Salmon, Monster Crab, squid, garlic and cheese flavoured boilies fished in a pva bag with a mix of hemp, carp pellets and particle baits.

The advantage of the pva bag is that it keeps the offering neatly together wherever the bait lands. Suggested winter baits include Tutti Fruitti and other fruit-flavoured boilies, particularly those made up with birdseed mix. In winter, dipping the bait into a bait dip attracter also often helps.

For the bigger fish use 18mm boilies on a size 4 or 6 hook whilst mini-boilies on a size 8 hook can be used to offer variety. Boilies are best presented on hair-rigs with pop-ups , D-rings, braid hook lengths and these can be fished on semi-fixed lead rigs. Please note: fixed lead rigs are not allowed.

When surface fishing, the most popular baits include dog biscuit, Chum mixers which can be flavoured, crusts and floating boilies.

For the more traditional angler who enjoys float fishing, sweetcorn, luncheon meat and bread in the margins can prove effective and, as with all other carp waters with decent reed growth, stalking often pays good dividends.


The gates are locked at night and access is by coded combo lock. These codes are available to members on request.


Photos: Al Stewart

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