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Match Pool

The new match pool was drained and extensively reshaped in 2012. It is 1.75 acres and has 31 pegs. The average depth is 6ft and deepest 11ft. This allows a high stocking density for match fishing.

The lake was restocked in spring 2012 with over 4500 orchid and horseshoe strain mirror and common carp from local fish farm Staffordshire supacarp. These fish are finest quality and fast growing. They range from 8oz to 6lb. The lake is also stocked with bream to 8lb and roach, tench and perch. Overall the lake has been stocked to over 2000lb per acre.

The new match lake match record stands at 208lb 5oz. Regular winning weights over 100lb with good weights overall.

Best methods are short pole on margin shelf with either pellet, maggot and corn.
The feeder to the island or waggler using similar baits, works well.

The lake was designed that every peg has a even chance of winning a match as the excavation and placing of shelves mean a uniform bottom. This gives anglers a good chance on any peg.

When there are no matches being run, pleasure anglers can enjoy a nice days sport, please check with staff before fishing to check if any matches are on that day.

Also feed pellets must be purchased at the fishery. A limit of 50lb per keepnet also applies.


Photos: Al Stewart

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