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Repairs are charged by the hour and according to what materials are required.

 The standard local call out charge is £40, plus parts and labour.

These prices assume the piano is located within 10 miles of my base (Please click on map to right of this column. Red marker indicates base). Each additional 10 mile radius adds £15 to the total price. 

I can usually give a minimum and maximum charge for  most repairs over the phone, if you can tell me the problem.

Most minor problems are sortable within the hour. So the average local repair job would cost around £60.

Although it may cheaper in the long run, to have the piano repaired at the same time as it is tuned.

That way, the only extra charges incurred, on top of the tuning charges, are parts and labour. And of course, the piano will be nicely in tune, ready to play.

Prices for regulating the piano action, and restorations vary, according to what precisely is required.

Action regulating starts at  £75

Action overhalls start at  £600

Restrings start at  £750

Full piano restorations start at  £3,500 

Full player piano restorations start at £4,500

 The above charges do not include travel, which is charged at 50p per mile.

Repair and restoration charges for reed organs and organettes, are based on parts and labour. 

For more information on any of the above, please supply me with details, and I will give you an exact quote.

If a personal inspection is necessary, in order to quote for repairs, the call out fee of £40 is applicable, plus travel over a 10 mile radius

This will be deducted  from the final bill if the repairs are carried through. 

All quotes valid for 3 months. 



Page Last Updated - 08/07/2016
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