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Prices start at just £45 for a standard tuning.

 This assumes the piano has been tuned during the past 12 months, is in good tunable condition, and is within 10 miles of my base (Please click on map to right of this column. Red marker indicates base).

Each additional 10 miles radius adds £15 to the total price.

If the piano has been left longer than 12 months, it could take longer to tune.

This often involves a double tuning, i.e. 2 tunings in a row.

These prices do not include large changes of pitch.

For example, a rise of a 1/2 tone (Semitone) in pitch, would require at least 3 tunings, or possibly more, in a row.

Each additional tuning adds £15 to the price.

To quote for the above example;

 Standard tuning £45, plus 2 additional tunings @ £15 each, gives a total price of £75. 

And if a piano proves untunable,which happens occasionally, just the standard call out fee of £40 applies. 

Tuning more than one piano on the same premises qualifies for a 10% discount on the total tuning charges.

Page Last Updated - 18/01/2017
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