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At present, we produce 20/21 note, 28 note, 31 note and 35/36 note keyless hand-turned book playing street organs.


These organs are built using traditional materials and techniques, featuring large leather covered bellows to power the instrument, and a keyless keyframe to read the cardboard music books.

Details of 20/21 note organs 


(All 20/21 note organs)

Height 33" (845mm)

 Depth 22 1/2" (600mm) Includes turning handle.

Width 25" (635mm)

 They may be physically larger than most 20 note organs, but this allows larger scaled pipework to be employed, giving a superior tone.

 Also larger bellows with plenty of reserve. You'll never run out of air, no matter how demanding the arrangement.

And routine servicing is made easier too, due to the spacious interior.

All in all, a most desirable instrument.

A slightly more compact version is also available, whilst retaining all the features and variations of the basic 20 note instrument.

 Dimensions as follows;

Height 28" (710mm)

 Depth 17 1/2" (445mm)

Width 25" (635mm)

 The main difference is a reduction in height and a slight reduction in depth, due mainly to the turning handle being detatchable. This means the organ will fit into most small hatchbacks, estate cars and caravans/campers, making this the ideal travelling small street organ.



3 Bass

8 Accompaniment 

9 Melody

The basic model contains 20 pipes all of the stoppered flute variety.

Basic case plus simple painted front.

See "The Melody Maker" on the photo gallery for an example of this type of organ.

Variations of this basic design features different pipes on the melody section.


1 rank of Violin pipes, creating  a small fairground organ sound.

 2 ranks of bourdons tuned to a celeste creating a very authentic Dutch street organ sound, the celeste rank being on a stop control, enabling expression to be put into the music.

 1 rank each of bourdons and Violins, both on stop controls, giving the best of both worlds.

 2 ranks of bourdons(tuned celeste)1 rank of Violins, both on stop controls, creating an extremely authentic Dutch street organ sound.

1 rank of either Violins or bourdons, with one rank of Open Flutes, possibly speaking the octave, and on it's own stop control. 

Additionally, any of these organs can be supplied with a small percussion instrument, e.g. bell, triangle, tambourine, wood block, etc, to give added flavour. This makes it a 21 note organ.

 Price details of these variants are available on request, although as a rough guide, each additional rank of pipes adds approximately £650 to the price. All organs come supplied with a sample book of 3 original tunes, 1 waltz, 1 march,1  foxtrot.

The new owner can choose between any of 5 sample books currently available

More to be added soon.

Details of 35/36 note organs


 Height. 25 1/2" (65cm)

Depth. 24 1/2" (61cm)

Depth. including flywheel, 32" (81cm)

(The flywheel is easily detatchable to ease transportation)


Width. 30 1/4" (79.5cm)



 This organ plays the 35 note Verbeeck scale which is very versatile compared to other smaller scales.

Scale as follows; 

6 Bass

10 Accompaniment

19 Melody.

The basic model comprises 1 rank Bourdons and 1 rank of Violins on melody, both ranks being on stop controls.

Accompaniment  and bass pipework comprising 1 rank of stoppered flutes on each.

 A variation of the basic model comprises 2 ranks of Bourdons (celeste) and 1 rank of Violins on the melody section, all 3 ranks having their own stop control.

A second variation consists of 1 rank of Bourdons, 1 rank of Violins, and 1 Open Flute, possibly speaking the octave, on the melody section.

All 35/36 note organs are powered by twin double acting feeders, and feature a 16" cast iron turning wheel. This ensures a very easy and smooth turning action.

Additionally, any of these organs can be supplied with a small percussion instrument. e.g. bell, triangle, tambourine, wood block, etc, making it a 36 note model.

Details of 28 note organ.


Same as for 35 note


5 Bass

9 Acc

14 Melody

The musical scale is identical to Wurlitzer 105 band organs, minus the trumpet notes, and very similar to the 35 note scale.

The basic model comprises 1 rank of Bourdons and 1 rank of Violins on melody, both ranks being on stop controls.

The accompaniment and bass comprise 1 rank each of stoppered flutes.    

For pipework variations, see 35 note specification.

The 28 note also features a 16" cast iron fly wheel and a twin double acting bellows to supply the air.


31 note book playing organs playing the 35note Limonaire scale.  

Due to a request, these organs are now available as yet another alternative to the standard models produced.


6 Bass

6 Accompaniment

19 Melody

One stopped pipe per note on bass and accompaniment.

19 Violin pipes on melody

Although the 35 key Limonaire features snare drum plus bass drum and cymbal, this 31 note does not, making it a compact and affordable instrument.






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