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The Workers

There are lots of volunteers including:

Chief Sheep Steward - Ian Murdoch

Chief Time Keeper - Elizabeth Gautier

Assistant Course Director - Phil Exelby

Commentary Team Leader - John Atkinson

Chief Photographer & Facebook - Jackie Goulder

Health & Safety - Ben Mosey

Chairman - Alec Mosey

Vice Chairman - Pete Turnbull

Treasurer - Rachel Page Murdoch

Craft Tent Organiser - Linda Hodgson

Childrens Tent - Mrs Jennie Stephenson

Secretary - Sally Banks


A celebration of the team's survival of the 2016 English Nationals. Heart felt thanks were offered to Chairman, A Mosey from us, and from Alec and us to his family team, the Castle Howard team, and Sally Banks, who doesn't even like sheepdogs, for an enormous amount of work undertaken stress endured with eternal grace and good humour.

A magic evening, highlight J B Murdoch and J Rangely,as dinner monitors, serving the apple crumble.

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