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23 November 2018
MPAGD 0.7.2 Released

Well, I shut myself away for a few days at the coast with a few bottles of vodka, plenty of lager and no television or internet and this is the result.  Alessandro requested a CALL command to call an external routine such as a screen decompressor or Beepola tune, so that's in.  There are numerous bug fixes and you can now use the mouse buttons to select a block type in the block editor.  The Next, Dragon 32/64 and Acorn Electron have been added and the tool will attempt to build these versions as well as the Atom, which it didn't do before.  So should I get run over by a Reliant Robin driven by a nutty C64 fundamentalist or a Vega+ conspiracy theorist tomorrow there's no reason why these compilers cannot be integrated.  Enjoy, and please use irresponsibly...


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