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Multi-Platform Arcade Game Designer 0.7.2 (Windows 64-bit)

This is a Windows program that turns programs written in a simple scripting language into assembly language.  There are editors for sprites, blocks, screen layouts, there is even a script generator allowing the user to get started with some common templates.  The language is considerably more powerful than the Spectrum and CPC versions with WHILE loops, collectable blocks, READ, DATA and much more.  AGD will produce games for the Spectrum, Amstrad CPC464 and Timex Sinclair/Next with more machines in the pipeline.  Fancy importing an old game written with AGD 4 and converting it to use Timex graphics on the Next, or perhaps doing an Amstrad conversion?  It's easy with this tool!  Now with Acorn Atom, Dragon and Acorn Electron included, compilers and engines pending...



Games Pack 1 (ZX Vega)

Now updated with nine games for the ZX Vega, keymap files are included.  Unzip this file and copy the directory onto your Vega SD card to play.  The games featured are Egghead 6 - Egghead Goes to Town, Jubbles, Rallybug, Lunaris, Gamex 2 - Playing Dividends, Encyclopaedia Galactica, Amusement Park, Area 51 and Retro Racer.




Designed with the Vega+ and Vega in mind, this is another "trademark" game design oddity.  Give it a play and see what you think.  If you liked Coracle, Albatrossity and Battery is not Precluded this might be your next favourite game



Arcade Game Designer 4.7 (Spectrum)

128K/+2 only.  Create your own arcade games - platformers, shooters, arcade adventures or whatever.  Games are fast, smooth and work on any Spectrum except the 16K.



Arcade Game Designer 1.4 (Amstrad)

As above, but for the Amstrad CPC 464

AGD 1.4 (Sendspace)


Timex/Spectrum Next Arcade Game Designer Compiler 0.2 (Windows 32-bit)

This is a PC command-line cross compiler which turns programs written in AGD into assembly language.  There are no editors, the idea is that you type the whole program into a code editor Sinclair BASIC style then run the compiler to create an assembler listing.  This version is designed for machines with the Timex 8x1 attributes mode only and features ULAplus support.  It is also considerably more powerful than the Spectrum and CPC versions with WHILE loops, READ, DATA and much more.  Included are the compiler, engine, test program, skeleton program, demonstration game ("Dodgy Geezer") and a directory of example coding templates.  Also included is the compiler C source code for those who want to use a different operating system.



SPECTRA Game Designer 1.0 (48K Spectrum)

A special customised version of AGD for the SPECTRA interface which has been designed to take advantage of the extra colours.  Functionality is as AGD 2.7 with a few of the improvements which were added to later versions.

SGD 1.0 (Sendspace)


Encyclopaedia Galactica (Remixed)

Travel around the galaxy, visiting dozens of planets and researching new lifeforms for the great tome.  Visit long-dead alien civilisations, loot tombs, explore vast oceans and much much more.



Retro Racer

Simple overhead view racer written in 4 evenings for Speccy Jam #2.

pick up the flag for more time



Byte Me

Fast and frantic action set in the kitchens at Byte Back.  Graphics courtesy of Craig Stevenson, music by Yerzmyey.



Battery is not Precluded

A game where you compete against yourself.  Force your clones to collide with each other to become the last man standing.  Music by Yerzmyey.




The side-on golf game which lets you select the type of ball for each shot - rubber, steel or sticky.  Features a great soundtrack by Matthew Westcott.  This is the final version, the one on World of Spectrum is an earlier one which contains a major bug.




Arcade-style action in the style of an early Ultimate title.  Graphics by Jarrod Bentley.



How to Write Spectrum Games

This is the latest version of my guide which explains how to write Spectrum games. Step-by-step, it shows you how to put things on the screen, move them around, read the keyboard, play sounds etc.  It even covers BASIC loaders.  Everything you need to start writing your own ZX Spectrum games in 97 pages.



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