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So, what's going on in the world of 8-bit bedroomware?  New games in development, updates to AGD and anything else of interest - or not!


09 June 2024New Spectrum Game Underway

With ZX81 Sets now finished I've started work on a new Spectrum game called Flood.  There is a video of the game at my Patreon page, both free and paid members can view it and see the progress I've been making.  If you don't want to become a free member you'll just have to wait for my next Game Under video on YouTube.

02 June 2024New ZX81 Game Imminent: Sets

I've been busy working on something a little different for the ZX81, which is due for release very soon.  Copies have already been sent to Patreon subscribers, everyone else will get a chance to play it when I upload it to my Itch.io page.  More information and a screenshot can be found here.


08 May 2024Abduxion Ultra

For a little over a month I have been tweaking my 2021 game Abduxion and improving it, adding extra features as well as support for Chroma, Zon-X and joysticks.  I've released a couple of videos showing progress and the game will shortly be released here.

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