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28 February 2016
Gamex 2 - Playing Dividends

Vega owners have been able to play Gamex 2 for some time now, but Spectrum owners have had to wait a little longer.  Fortunately, that wait may now be about to end as I have finally managed to finish the Spectrum version.

For the uninitiated, Gamex 2 sees the player buying and selling shares on a games index.  As each game reports its results, the player plays the game to receive his dividend - subject, of course, to tax.  Contact with nasties among other things increases the tax rate and when it reaches 100% the game is over.  Fortunately, the player can collect/shoot/earn bowler hats in many of the games and these can be collected to reduce tax.  Along the way, the player unlocks achievements which will open up new features and minigames.

Work has just begun on the loading screen (although if past history is anything to go by, that in itself could take a while to complete) and once this is finished, Gamex 2 should be ready to go.

Disclaimer: the value of your minigames can go down as well as up...

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