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08 December 2013
Encyclopaedia Galactica Remixed

Work is well underway on a new version of the Retro Fusion game which saw Dr Theo Rao traversing the galaxy discovering new alien flora and fauna, classifying it for the eponymous tome.  This time around there will be more stars, more planets and more aliens.  A random element will mean things move around from one game to the next so you'll never quite know how your universe will look before you start a game.

How does one squeeze a galaxy in to 48K?  Why, the same way you squeeze 16 arcade games into Gamex and 43 minigames into the Cronosoft version of Utter Tripe of course!  While it isn't on anything like the same scale as Elite, there will be more than enough for most players to explore and more than likely get lost.

Few people got to play the original game so this version will be available to all.  Expect to see a free download here in the coming weeks.

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