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11 August 2012
New Game Under Development

Encyclopaedia Galactica is a new game for the 48K Spectrum which sees the player travelling around distant star systems as a researcher for the Encyclopaedia.  The aim is to seek out alien flora and fauna in order to submit articles.  Dozens of planets to explore, species to catalogue and hundreds of screens will make this a big game which won't be mapped or completed in a hurry.

Unusually for a Cauldwell affair, this one will have a proper storyline, courtesy of Spanner Spencer, who is also chipping in with ideas for the game.  So far, six individuals have contributed graphics with hopefully more to come, and Yerzmyey has composed a very atmospheric piece of AY music.

Encyclopaedia Galactica will be available following publication of the next edition of Retro Fusion.  More information and screenshots can be found at the OldSchool Gaming forums.

Click for Map
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