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18 November 2023
Fun Park ZX81 Released

Fun Park ZX81 has now been released for the Chroma-enabled Zeddy.  I'm not sure but this may be the first game written specifically for this interface.  As can be seen from the screenshot above, the Chroma game is far more colourful than the Spectrum version.  Graphics courtesy of Jarrod Bentley.

Usually my games are name-your-own-price, but typically a game with 200 downloads will only receive 3 or 4 donations so I'm experimenting with this one.  For the time being the game has a price tag of $2 but I am currently investigating free-to-download alternatives that would mean I still receive a small amount for each download.

Meanwhile, for those who don't mind paying a couple of dollars for a really uique ZX81 game, have fun!

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