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02 October 2023
New AGD Beta Test Version

Already posted on WoS (my stuff gets posted here and there on SC though you won't find anything about me on The Spectrum Show) the latest Beta test version of the turbocharged AGD Five (I'm going to rename it) has been released.  AGD and MPAGD have probably been responsible for the majority of Spectrum releases over the last decade so I'm looking for feedback from potential users to make this new tool the best ever.

I remember being a powerless teenager who only knew BASIC, and that was no good and I remember how that felt.  Before I die I want to assist a generation of retrogamers to create the games they wanted to write, just as I wanted in my teens.  That is my mission, to create the tools I wanted when I was 13.

Go download a Beta test version and documentation  now and give me some feedback.  What do you want in the next generation of Spectrum game development tools?  Let me know...


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