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05 August 2023
New ZX81 Game and AGD Five Development

Firstly, thanks to everyone who downloaded Astro Bikers and especially those who voluntarily made a small contribution.  So far I have received $8 from 70 downloads and that's 4 times what I'd usually expect from a free game download.  Those of you who donated know who you are, so thank you. Five individuals have kept me in teabags for a few months and that is appreciated.  :)

I continue to split my time between debugging AGD Five for the Spectrum and creating new games for the ZX81.  Posting videos of myself debugging AGD Five's compiler would not make for interesting viewing but I did post a video of a ZX81 Pengo conversion not long ago.  Pengy's Perils has since been completed and copies sent to Patrons.

I'm hoping to have another video up very soon as I'm working on an entirely original game design for the ZX81 with a working title of Swurlpool.  It's a just-one-more-go game that's difficult to pick up but could be harder to put down.  Patrons will get to play it first and after that I haven't yet decided whether it's a free download or something I should send to Cronosoft.  That really depends on how it plays in the final version.  I'm still tweaking the gameplay...


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