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29 November 2019
Egghead Reaches 30th Birthday

I can scarcely believe it, it really does not seem like three decades have elapsed since I put the finishing touches to my first platform game but the calendar at the bottom corner of my screen says that it is undeniably so.

Work on Egghead began in the first few days of November 1989 using a second-hand +2, a 48K Spectrum and an Opus Discovery disc drive.  The disc drive lasted about 3 weeks before giving up but somehow the game was completed on 29th November 1989 and a copy was speculatively despatched to Crash magazine.  I didn't expect to hear back from them, if I'm honest.  But I did.

There has been plenty of beer under the bridge since then.  A sequel was written and also published by Crash.  Software houses vanished one by one as eight bit computers fizzled out only to be miraculously resurrected when the internet came along.  Four more Egghead sequels and a couple of spin-offs subsequently followed as the Spectrum's revival gathered momentum.

What's really remarkable to think back upon now is that during the few short weeks Egghead was under development, the Berlin Wall fell.  I remember the scenes on television at the time and my recollections of those historic events became strangely intermeshed with those of writing a BASIC screen designer to create the room layouts for Egghead, moving a flashing cursor around a screen placing blocks and designing some simple sprites.  Perhaps that's why my memories of writing the game are more vivid than for most of the many dozen others I've created.  In the time the game was written the world changed forever, and much for the better.

How time flies.  Happy 30th birthday, Egghead!


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