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How do I subscribe?

EarthShare provides locally-grown soft fruit and vegetables harvested just before going in your boxes; straight from farmer to consumer, with no middleman. Most people sign up for the 12-month period straight away, but we also offer potential subscribers a 6-week trial of EarthShare.


To sign up for a full year or for a 6-week trial, here's what to do:

1. Decide which options suit you:

Size of box needed: a standard box is suitable for a family of four; a small box is suitable for two people.

Workshifts: if you do workshifts, you will receive a discount off the cost of your subscription. We ask you to do 3 x 3-hour shifts per year if you have a standard subscription, or 2 x 3-hour shifts per year if you have a small subscription. You receive a discount of £21 per shift off the cost of your subscription.

Payment method: you can either pay monthly by standing order or prepay for the whole year – the latter is the cheapest option.

2Download the appropriate subscription form depending on which pickup point you'd like to use (see below).

3. Print out the form and read it through carefully. Fill it in, then either enclose a cheque if you'd like to prepay, or complete the standing order section if you'd like to pay by monthly standing order. You can make payment via your online banking facility, but please return your subscription form and let us know you have done so.

4. Post the form and payment back to us and we'll be in touch with you in a few days to arrange your first box.


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